DRIVECLUB - Greatness Exchange featuring Aston Martin

Take a trip to England with the winners of the DRIVECLUB Initiation & the 2014 Greatness Exchange

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Xsilver1263d ago

Yall better make gifs from parts in that Vid because it looked amazing.

Forn1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

Very, very cool... Driveclub just blows me away... Everything about it... Hats off to Evolution, and a big thank you from me!

MaximusPrime_1263d ago

See how headlight reflected from car's side mirrors, in front. Perfection

Speak_da_Truth1263d ago

That's attention to freaking detail.

HmongAmerican1263d ago

Man, there they better have the option to turn of the HUD in game.

HmongAmerican1263d ago

Awesome, nice to know. I love to have the full immersion for just driving around in the game and of course, to show off those ultra realistic graphic of weathers effect to family members and friends.

Dissidia1263d ago

You can turn off the HUD