Call of Duty ex-director says US military could learn from COD

According to Dave Anthony, the Call of Duty franchise’s former game director, in regards to unpopular national security ideas. the United States government could learn a few things from AAA video game titles/series such as Call of Duty, specifically their marketing strategies and campaigns. He believes that disfavored national security policies or ideas can be pushed into generally positive public acceptance similarly to how prominent video game industry giants market new features in their respective games.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1142d ago


"we do all the things we can to essentially brainwash people into liking it before it actually comes out.“

DesertFoxJr1142d ago

Pretty crazy stuff, haha.

CarlosX3601142d ago

When I read the headline, I said "What are you? Under a rock or something? They already are!"

PMC's are on the rise, and have been BEFORE Advanced Warfare was even revealed. Then after the reveals, we see militarized police.

Oschino19071142d ago

What do you think marketing is?

I am shocked anyone would find this shocking...

Eonjay1142d ago

Microsoft tried the same thing with Titanfall, but I think they went too far. You can't repeat the same ads until people get sick.

bradfh1142d ago

just like I learn from cod:ghost, not to buy cod anymore

AndrewLB1142d ago

Hmm... funny how people don't even realize when they've been brainwashed. The best example of this in the past decade is this lie that is global warming. The earth has been cooling for almost two decades now, the antarctic ice cap is larger than any time in recorded history, and the arctic sea ice is doing great as well. The global warming political movement is the government fooling everyone into enacting draconian self-imposed taxes on every aspect of our lives as well as expanding government's control over the populace. They wouldn't have a chance in hell to pass such crap if they were honest about it and drafted up a bill with the exact same laws, regulations, and massive taxes laid out for everyone to see. So instead they show photos of polar bears floating out to sea, blame any storm that does damage warming, and even this week a big Obama donor came out and claimed global warming is causing Ebola!!! And there are people that actually believe it.
Funny thing is that exact Obama donor has received hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in grants, contracts, and loans for his "green" businesses. It's all about raping the taxpayer to enrich Obama's cronies. lol.

And to anyone who actually believes the lies about "climate change" and "global warming"... if the science was settled like they claim, then why would NASA/NOAA need to alter historical data from the early 1900's in order to make it appear colder? Why is it that none of their computer models are correct? Why do they keep re-writing the code to make the data appear to show the planet is warming? Why would professors be conspiring to manipulate data in order to show what Obama claims is already set in stone and not up for debate? And why is it that any Climate scientist that doesn't support the global warming liars immediately gets their grants and funding pulled from their university? They've set things up so if you don't support this political lie, you're basically out of a job because they cut off all the money.

Lies, damn lies, and then there's Obama. Next time you see him speak, focus on what he is saying. Every single thing that comes out of his mouth, the opposite is true. I'm not even exaggerating one bit.

Remember how he destroyed al-qaeda? How we can keep our doctor? how he's cut the deficit? (yet spent 10 trillion on the national credit card) lol. Propoganda and lies.

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Wikkid6661142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

What... he wants our troops to die from horrible lag and lag compensation???

sAVAge_bEaST1142d ago

He also advocates a Police State, and Troops in schools, like rangers on airplanes...

(Don't worry, he has a way to Market/Brainwash it to you)

FsterThnFTL1142d ago

Great just what we needed, the Pentagon being run by ex COD devs. If the Pentagon and America were not already the most disliked the world over now they definitely will be.

LightDiego1142d ago

America most disliked by who?
USA is the hero of the world, when things get tough, just like ISIS in Iraq, Merica saves the day.

Activemessiah1142d ago

It's the arrogance that people don't like... the notion that "God favours us" is laughable at best if not tragically hopeless.


Yeah on how to be a camper

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