Alien: Isolation review: Cold, harsh, and unforgivable | Ars

Stunning, terrifying aesthetics can't save a stealth game broken at its core.

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TheWackyMan1382d ago

Arstechnica, not even once.

sprinterboy1382d ago

Gonna wait for the project morpheus patch b4 I buy this tbh

starchild1382d ago

How are they going to get a game that only runs at 30fps to suddenly start running at 60fps+ and with stereoscopic 3D?
I haven't heard any sort of announcement about Alien Isolation coming to project morpheus. It's possible they could strip down the graphics to get it running at the levels VR requires, but I'm not sure they will go to that trouble.

If you want the game I would get the game now and not wait on something that may never come.

Scatpants1382d ago

Maybe Oculus but probably not Morpheus.

sprinterboy1381d ago

I have inside information from a japanese source it's happening dude


Still gettin it, might have to be patched eventually for certain things but I need a good alien game. So #×$+ it....I'm still getting it.