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That idea of never being comfortable with how the game is unravelling is something that feels quite unique and it’s extremely well imagined here. Plenty of survival horror games have you feeling vulnerable as you essentially fulfil the role of a hero but things are different here. In Alien: Isolation you’re not the hero, you’re the prey.

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equal_youth1265d ago

again a 9 ^^ i am confident that it will be my type of game.

Stsonic1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

It's a good game, played it for a few hours today. The core game play is a bit rusty but in saying that, it feels awesome to be playing in a true alien universe.

If I didn't get a crushing headache I would not have stopped playing!

equal_youth1265d ago

i will get it tomorrow. i am all in for some good scares for my weekend.

yesterday a headache stopped me from playing shadow of mordor. damn it! its the one thing that can pull me away from my controller if i am really into a game.

tigertron1265d ago

A better review than IGN's.

sprinterboy1265d ago

Gonna wait for project morpheus patch tbh, waited 20 yrs for a good aliens game, sure I can wait a yr for project morpheus to come out

equal_youth1265d ago

not sure if they can make it happen. i love morpheus and all that has been shown till today but i doubt they can make it run 2x120fps on a ps4 as much as i would love that to happen. otherwise.. speaking of headache ^^

LightDiego1265d ago

Awesome scores for Isolation, just the "major" sites pretending to be honest now giving a low score, because they will give a big score for games like Call of Duty later.

starchild1265d ago

Well, we know that sites like IGN and Gamespot are much more mainstream and casual in their tastes.

I ultimately don't care too much about review scores for games. It's just like movie many of us really care what critics say about any given movie? There are as many opinions as there are people, and that's ok, I simply realize that my tastes don't line up with a lot of other people.