Review: Titanfall: IMC Rising (VGW)

Titanfall is one of 2014's best shooters, defined by fast-paced, dynamic gameplay, tight mechanics and superb map design. The game's initial offering was pretty substantial, but developer Respawn Entertainment deserves a lot of credit for not resting on its laurels with post-launch support. We've had the standard balancing updates, three new game modes, completely new features and two stellar map packs, Expedition and Frontier's Edge.

But Respawn isn't done with Titanfall just yet. Released last week out of nowhere, the third and final map pack (for now, at least) is called IMC Rising and features three new maps that might be the most chaotic Titanfall has to offer. The summer game drought is finally be coming to a close, but IMC Rising puts forward a pretty compelling argument for why Titanfall should remain in your disc tray.

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