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Hyrule Warriors is a fun title, but the monotony of it comes on too quickly with its overwhelming lack of content. Other mash up titles in the series have done well, I praise the DW: Gundam series for its various unique mechanics aside from its hack and slash combat. Even the base DW series games feature more characters, content, and features. This game itself is something Nintendo needed, and it unfortunately lacks in comparison to what it could’ve done as a DW title.

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ReiMoon1357d ago

I still enjoyed it though.

TapperDD1357d ago

I love the Zelda franchise, but I just don't think I'll be able to play this one. I understand that it's not supposed to be an actual "Zelda" game... but that just makes me even more sad. What a tease...

MSBAUSTX1356d ago

You are missing out on so much LOZ love if you dont play this game. It is absolutely amazing and full of LOZ content. Adventure mode will bring a tear to your eye. The music is like nothing you have ever heard. Finally, the fact that you can tear stuff up as LOZ characters you have never been ble to play before is awesome.

Do not believe the BS about it being monotonous. It isnt the button masher people say it is. You push B, X, and Y to attack, not just one button over and over again. You have to use combos strategically, there are several special moves and you have to level up to unlock them, you can customize your weapons abilities, and you have to block, dodge, and lock on to targets in orser to beat them.

You have to figure out which special item has to be used on bosses and what is the best way to come at them to take them down the fastest. Trust me! This game is not a 6, it is an 8 at the very least and I give it a 9.5 because of its addictive nature. It has 5 stars on the Eshop as well. Do not miss out on this game because you dont think it is a LOZ game. It would be a huge mistake.

nick47611357d ago

I am thoroughly enjoying this game. It isn't a Zelda title, but I knew that going in. Very fun hack and slash, and it is nice to see Link doing some bad ass moves.

Dahui1356d ago

I liked it more than I thought I would. It really goes after my collector side of me.

Lord_Sloth1356d ago

Didn't expect a Warriors game to do well in reviews but I still love them so I will end up getting this.

deafdani1356d ago

Hyrule Warriors has actually gotten good reviews for the most part. Even 6 out of 10 isn't a terrible score.

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