Epic Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks show companions, male and female human Inquisitors

New Dragon Age: Inquisition artworks show the male and female human Inquisitors along with their companions: Blackwall, Cassandra Pentaghast, Cole, Dorian, Iron Bull, Sera, Solas, Varric Tethras and Vivienne.

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vishmarx1295d ago

how about that , glad they havent scrapped the male inquisitor in their effort to being progressive

hazelamy1295d ago

considering almost every single piece of marketing for the game has featured a male lead, like just about every game that lets you select your characters gender does, no, they haven't scrapped him.

spartanlemur1295d ago

Actually, the marketing has been 50/50 or ambiguous.

King_of_Nothing1295d ago

Politically Correct Age: Inquisition.

LightDiego1295d ago

True, all of that it's getting really boring.

FullmetalRoyale1295d ago

Which is sort of odd considering the time period in which it is set. Doesn't matter because I always make myself anyway.

spartanlemur1295d ago

Bioware have failed to realise that you can be fair to all players without taking going to childish extremes in pursuit of gender "equality", which seems to imply that 25% of players receive 75% of the attention.

anticlimax1295d ago

Or they want to make story choices where a defined sexuality suits the characters at hand. So what if there are more gay/bi characters in DA than there relatively are in the world. When a game has no gay characters, no one cares. But imagine an all gay-game. N4G would be filled with comments about pushing agenda's and moral overreaching.

Bioware has always had racism and class differences and gender inequality and sexuality and it has always helped shape the world the game is set in.

spartanlemur1295d ago


Well statistically, one in twenty people are LGBT therefore if I take a handful of seven people (assuming games have an average of seven main characters), there's a 30% chance one of them will be LGBT. This means we should see about one LGBT character in every three games. As most games don't let us know the sexuality of characters (there's more to life than sex after all), we cannot say they are underrepresented at all in other games.

And the main reason *I* care is the arrogance Bioware have in treating their main audience demographic like dirt by giving them only two romance options, one of whom is a boring stereotypical "strong independent woman" with the other being quite plain-looking.

I guarantee that the LGB characters will not help the story much, and have only been placed in so David Gaider can get a pat on the back from the SJW crowd.

Bioware will have wasted countless hours creating four LGBT-romance stories which only around 5% of players will ever experience. Stupid waste of time they could have spent making the game better for everyone else.

diablo21571295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )


Your hypothesis is completely bogus because it assumes that heterossexual gamers only play heterossexual characters and homossexual gamers only play homossexual characthers, as a heterossexual gamer myself i can safely say i generally favor playing characters that are different from me, it provides more immersion and roleplay. Also there are a lot of female players that play male characters and vice-verse.

"I guarantee that the LGB characters will not help the story much, and have only been placed in so David Gaider can get a pat on the back from the SJW crowd. "

Unless you can prove you have been part of the DA development team i'm highly skeptical about this claim.

anticlimax1294d ago

More than 5% of DA gamers are completionists. Another part does the romance stories dispite their own preferences.

But yes, a part of the players will choose not to take part in that questline. But the same could be said about the multiplayer/coop parts. To me for example they feel like a waste of resources. To an action oriented player the tactical view might be a waste of resources.

The point is, the developers have a vision for a game, and they should build on that (if the publishers don't get in the way). If we like it, we'll buy it, but at least hey were true to themselves.

spartanlemur1294d ago


I genuinely think you're alone in those sentiments (or share them with a small group). In Mass Effect, allegedly 82% of players chose male Shepard, and that comes from Bioware itself. So to put this another way, male characters, gay or not, get 4 options, whereas female characters get 6.
I don't see how you view other people as more immersive. For most, I imagine importing their own body into the game is the most immersive, but it might get boring after a while. I don't mind playing heterosexual men from different cultures, but romantic subplots become something I cannot empathise with on an innate level otherwise.
But I don't care what you do, nor should anyone care what I do. I'm just looking at what people in general do and then criticising Bioware for making a decision which is unfair (based on the idea that each person receiving attention proportional to the price they paid for the game is equitable fairness), but more importantly, irrational in an economic sense, as people like myself who would have pre-ordered will not wait until Christmas, as romance options, a major part pf the game for some of us, are no longer present in any enjoyable sense.


If only 10% of people play multiplayer and they invested a huge amount of resources in that mode, then yes, I'd say exactly the same thing about it (as they could have spent that time on SP). And if the tactical view is only used by a small percentage of players when they might have invested in other view-types or a better action view, I'd criticise them again.

But I'm fine with devs having a vision for a game. What upsets me is that they've improved everything and the game looks great, but they've completely neglected people who play male characters (gay or not) when it comes to romances, which are usually excellent subplots.

And I'm genuinely worried that the press will completely ignore that fact in reviews, having the label "misogynist" or "homophobe" applied to them for being honest about deficiencies in that area for the demographic which spends the most money on the game.

diablo21571294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


Look if you really limit yourself in playing only male characters it's your own loss and problem, also pointing out the ME survey is again bogus as you have to assume DA fans and ME fans are the same which they aren't, sure the majority of bioware fans play all of their games but DA is a RPG game and ME is a RPG/Action/Shooter so comparing the two is fallacious, you don't speak for the majority.

So in the end male chararcters will get about 4 romance options while females will get more, and you are crying because you wanted males characters to have the majority of LIs, sorry but the "we are the majority we deserve the majority" argument is both childish and authoritarian.

In every other past game male characters got the majority of LIs, and for the first time females characters got more options, and you moaning about it will not get anyone to see any point you are trying to make and only makes you seem annoying as a person.

spartanlemur1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


It's not childish to want your own way. We all want our own way. It is childish to evade compromise, and so I don't demand that every single option is aimed at me, but rather that options are allocated using a mathematical mechanism to ensure fairness (though it's not authoritarian as the only punishment I support os not buying their game). In this case, one option for the four major player genders and then the rest allocated based on player demographics. That's a fair, balanced route for a company to take.

But indeed, Bioware can do what they want, and I'm not demanding the government go and arrest them for not bending to my will. I'm simply voicing something which has made me slightly unhappy, which I hope they'll at least consider when they make their next game. If they don't want to be fair and do want to push a social message then that's fine, as it's their right to do so, but I'm going to lose respect for them if that is the case.

I like playing from other perspectives occasionally, but generally prefer my own. The Mass Effect data at least proves that a large degree other players share that sentiment, and until we have more comprehensive data, that's all we have to go on.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that stating that "we are 80%, we deserve 80% is not a childish argument whatsoever. Both socialists and capitalists accept it in the variants "we are 80% of people" and "we are 80% of GDP" respectively, so I'm at a loss for what political force is being taken seriously which believes that "we are 20% of people, 20% of GDP (total game revenue) we deserve 60%".

I'm sorry if I come across as annoying, as my intent is only to try and reason with people to find a compromise on what "fair" is and to not see my favourite series turn into something which alienates the majority of its players. I just think that Bioware have thrown common sense out the window win the LI area of the game, and they need to understand why some people might think that is (even if they disagree, I'd like to see a solid argument taken seriously and not shrugged off as "homophobic" or "misogynist" which is far from the truth and risks ignorance of academically sound arguments. If any view is childish, it is the dismissal of such debate.

diablo21571294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )


No it's not fair, true fairness would be giving everyone the same options regardless of numbers, two wrongs don't make a right, so no, your definition of fairness is just your opinion nothing more.

And sorry but "we don't have anything better therefore the ME survey poll is what we should go on" is just confirmation bias, and will not convince any non gullible unbiased person.

And the "we are the majority therefore we deserve the majority" is childish because it's based on personal opinion and not on reason.
Also you brough in socialists and capitalists to a discussion which has nothing to do with them again just to corroborate your confirmation bias, stating your opinion as fact will not turn it into a fact.

I never dismissed your claims as being misoginists or homophobic, i'm dismissing them because they are full of confirmation bias and personal opinions stated as facts.

"and risks ignorance of academically sound arguments."
Lol, since when academic "sound" arguments included confirmation biases and confusing facts with opinions? sorry but you are factually wrong sir.

--Get off your high horse sir you are not as half as smart as you think you are.

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Paprika1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Lol not going to post the images in your article here on N4G.... haven't a clue why... :)

Anyway, clicking to check these epic images.

Wow, this game looks fantastic. I can't wait to play this :) might start up DA1!