​Alien: Isolation: The Kotaku Review

While many a video game has been designed for people who enjoy killing aliens, Alien: Isolation can only have been created for people who derive some perverse pleasure out of being killed by an alien.

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HateFueled1388d ago

Screw IGN! I'm getting this D1! :)

Ashunderfire861388d ago

It's seems to me that most critics like this game, except for ign, gamespot, gametrailers, and a few others. The main argument is that is that the game is too long, and the save system is not automatic. I think it's bullshit that those mainstream gave this game a score as low as Colonial Marines when it's look better in everyway. I'm making a purchase to this game too. Ign, Gamespot, Gametrailers shouldn't be the main reason to buy or cancel games. Make your own mind up.

HateFueled1387d ago

Yeah! But it's so easy to change your mind and doubt your will to play when you look forward to something this much, and people says they they are dissapointed. It makes one think twice, with the "knowledge" that it might not be as good as you thought. But to hell with "too long" and "saving mechanics"! It worked awesome with the classic RE games, and should make you even more nervous about dying as you make progress. You'd think that should add to the PURPOSE of a game like this, no?

Ashunderfire861387d ago

Yup I agree plus it worked with Dead Space and Demon and Dark Souls with the save system, yet those game were praise with great reviews. More reviews are positive for this game, so it didn't fail to deliver like ign, gamespot, and gametrailers said. Plus I hate those reviewers who bring the game review down, because it don't have that much guns? What this is not Call of Duty! Who allow these guys to review games? Lol they are clearly for casual mainstream and they suck at gaming.