Korean Models Hired to Promote 'Lord of War'

Korean models Im Min Young and Yeon Da Bin look sexy in these promotional images for the upcoming MMORPG, Lord of War.

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Timesplitter141239d ago

This is one of the saddest and most pointless things I have ever seen

DarkOcelet1239d ago

Its not a first time this type of promotion happens to a game , but either way they are really beautiful models .

Apocalypze1239d ago

I understand is pointless but sad , what are you a fag lol?

Maxor1239d ago

Wow. This game looks great.

Slade231239d ago

lol wow there's was another one few hours ago, now this lol. man... some n4g members love korean girl models.

LightDiego1239d ago

Excuse me, i'm going to....

Paprika1239d ago

I'd buy dog shit disguised as cake modelled by these.....