Korean idol Krystal reveals sexy new promo images for TERA

A new batch of promotional pictures have been released for the Korean promotion of TERA. The pictures feature cute idol Krystal, who is one of the spokesmodels for the game.

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DragonKnight1332d ago

I'm sorry but, sexy? It's just her standing and wearing some pretty normal clothes. That's a "sexy" promotion?

Mikefizzled1331d ago

You can still be fully clothed and ooze sex appeal...

deathstriker1331d ago

I don't see anything sexy about her, but of course that's subjective. She looks undead with that crappy make up on. It looks like she's promoting a horror game.

DragonKnight1331d ago

And? This is supposedly a sexy promo. In what way is it a sexy promo? Look at other sexy promos and tell me that this measures up? Some girl just standing there in regular clothing is supposed to be a sexy promo for a game like Tera now?

Tetsujin1331d ago

Skinny girls look good in clothes, curvy girls look good naked.

I always wanted to try TERA however I'm on the fence because it seems like a decent game however looks like another one of those "play for about a month then move on" types.

il-JumperMT1331d ago

Sorry TERA was awesome until it went Pay to Win with having to buy MWA with real money.

ATi_Elite1331d ago (Edited 1331d ago )

Tera Rising is a great MMORPG with real time combat but I must say my time with Tera is coming to an end because Archage just offers so much more to do and I don't think I will ever stop playing GW2 thus my game time is limited.

But if you haven't played Tera then what are you waiting for because it is a very fun game with great graphics.

You will not be disappointed.