Alien: Isolation review: crew expendable | Polygon

Isolation isn't the worst Alien game, but it is the most disappointing.

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Neonridr1383d ago

the most disappointing? That seems harsh..

TheWackyMan1383d ago

Never EVER trust polygon. Your life is better this way.

Angerfist1382d ago

True. There was no developer to f... so they just give it a 5.9.

I read the x360a & ps3t review and it seems amazing.
Challenging and sometimes frustrating but we don't have those many games out there that don't give you a gun as a problem solver.

I trade in Destiny for it.

DeadlyOreo1382d ago

Polygon gave Metal Gear Rising, Titanfall and Guacamelee a 9 out of 10. Surely they lose some sort of credibility for that.

rakentaja1382d ago

Dont know about the others but Titanfall is actually a very good completely deserves 9 or so. Its maybe just you dont like games like Quake or UT. Gameplay is butter smooth in every way and they supprt hell out of it.

Agent20091382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Revengeance is among the best slashers of the last generation, and Guacamelee, judging by how it looks, seems like a decent platformer.

You people are mature, and you should finally understand such thing as DIFFERENT TASTES. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, so I can't see why the guy from Polygon could be either wrong or right - he's simply expressing his own impressions with games. And you ought to respect that.

NukaCola1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Guacamelee is a 9/10. It's awesome!

OT: IGN gave Aliensca 5.9 so... they aren't perfect but never harsh.

Septic1382d ago

Most people hate them for their TLOU review but really, they seem to have a weird way of reviewing games in general. I don't hate them like most do on here and tbh, I don't get how they dish out some review scores. TLOU getting 7.5 and Forza Horizon 2 getting a 7 doesn't really seem fair but then that's their view so I respect it.

But saying that, I suspect that they give these scores to get hits. Polygon seem to always want to stick out from the herd. On that basis, I can't take their reviews seriously.

But each to their own.

HiTMaNHuntr1383d ago

My take from reviewers are.
The Big ones ( IGN, Gamespot, Polygon ) find the game average.
The smaller ones ( and in my opinion the more "trusted" ones ) love the game and find it in the 8-9 range.
Of course I believe only I can rate a game based on my taste. Can't be worse than CM right?

plmkoh1382d ago

"Can't be worse than CM right?"

Depends, CM is unapologetically unambitious, mediocre in mechanics and unpolished but it was very playable and straight forward. It can only be as disappointing as your standards of games go or how hyped you were getting into it.

However Alien Isolation, is divisive because the game makes or breaks based on the AI alone. The mainstream will call it cheating because enemies teleport and always knows where you are, conversely you will find others will see that as challenging and unpredictable.

I'm inclined to agree with the mainstream, because a game shouldn't need to cheat to be challenging (look at Dark Souls), let's not kid ourselves that masochism equals more hardcore.

tigertron1382d ago

Is this the same Polygon that gave TLOU a 7/10?

WeAreLegion1382d ago

7.5 for the PS3 version.

8.0 for the PS4 version.

It was Phillip Kollar who reviewed the game.

DeadlyOreo1382d ago

They give a 7 to The Last Of Us, but then an 8.5 to Angry Birds Star Wars Edition. Lol.

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