Alien: Isolation review – Giger's creature gets the game it deserves | The Guardian

This terrifying game is a passionate homage to a horror classic, an unusually clever and subversive triple-A title.

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Sneakybudda1382d ago

Am going to have to buy it now. although ive seen the negative reviews ( ign) its still a game what fans of the franchise and fans of horror genre cant wait to get there paws on.

insomnium21382d ago

My god how is this game so hard to review? The scores are all over the place. Why is that?

RevXM1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Some mostly bigger sites are giving it flak for being difficult and Long.

10-20 hours (from what I gather), but it depends on skill and how much you explore/hunt for loot. and if you die a lot its going to drag on but I guess some people do not get the game and just really suck and then claim it is too harsh and nonsensical and make up flaws. But they shouldnt have reviewed the game because its not their type of game.

The devs have made it clear WHO this game is meant for and the mainstream ain't it.
Some reviewers are not going to enjoy this simply because this game is VERY different from everything else. Opionions vary a lot on extreme games like this.
Look at the souls games, Killzone 2, Gran turismo or Heavy rain for example. they WANTED to be different and some gave them flak for it. KZ2 controls suck, GT is to boring and hard, heavy rain is on rail QTE's etc...

HEEELL NO Kz2 controls are the best, GT5 lets me tinker with cars and feel how I should feel driving real cars, and Heavy rain was so cool I could not stop playing for HOURS. these games tries and succeeded to be different and the best at what they do, they werent broken or unfair. they just wasn't for you.

IGN video review was laughable.

Ocsta1382d ago

I've decided the larger sites are full of s*** and will no longer be paying attention to them. I'm a much happier gamer right now I can tell you that.

opoikl1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

These 'high profile' sites are only good for watching video reviews (watching, not listening).

I share the same suspicions as some of us have, ie they're trying to regain our trust by being harsher on games so we can't say they only score between 5 and 10, or they're 'the bias'.

My guess is we won't see as many 9's this gen as we did during the PS3 and Xbox360 era. Looking back on my PS3 game library, only 10 or so titles withstood the test of time - and it's only been 8 years max. The majority of them was bought on hype and raving reviews alone it now seems.

sAVAge_bEaST1382d ago

So the reviews are all over the place..

I think I will check it out. I'm down with the O.G. Alien.

Benjammin251382d ago

It's currently at 80 on metacritic. I don't think that's all over the place. The rubbish IGN and Gamespot reviews are the only really negative reviews so far. Can't wait for this.

LightDiego1382d ago

Spoiler: the Alien is Chris Brown.

Fishy Fingers1382d ago

Mixed bag of opinions on the reviews, I'm not a big horror gamer but as a fan of the franchise I thought I'd owe it to myself to give this a go. Think I'll be picking up a used/sale copy down the line though.

dredgewalker1382d ago

I saw the demo and it really seems scary to play! I hope this brings back to life the survival horror genre.

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