Far Cry 4 Trailer is "Genuine Awesomesauce"

Gameranx: "A new Far Cry 4 trailer offers a look at the game's action."

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LAWSON721208d ago

I really hope this game is more than just FC3 in Himalayas. FC3 had potential, but IMO it felt empty, lacked depth, and just felt like everything was a gimmick and once they got old I was bored. If this game is a huge jump it could be one hell of a game.

ab5olut10n1208d ago

Wow, I feel the exact opposite. FC3 was one of my best experiences last gen. I do have the feeling that this will be somewhat more-of-the-same though.

mochachino1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

100% agree. Far Cry 3 had some if the best and most innovative FPS gameplay last gen. The moves, degree of control, and freedom put most other FPS games to shame.

I wish more games copied the FC controls and range of player actions.

The only thing lacking was the story.

camel_toad1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

Totally agree about FC3 and the weapon montage trailer didnt do anything but give a more solid foundation to my concerns about FC4. Same old tired class of weapons. Im sure itll be fun for a while but if theyre taking the time to highlight these been-there-done-that weapons Im not sure the fun will last. Also worried the elephants will be a short-fun gimmick and not much more.

badvlad1208d ago

so should i get fc3? its only like 10 bucks now on 360

camel_toad1208d ago

Yeh if youve never played it its easily worth 10 bucks.

ginsunuva1208d ago

It sucks on ps3/360. Get it on PC

Aleithian1208d ago

Bland. Derivative. Predictable.

This trailer was boring.

The game still looks promising though.

Geekman1208d ago


It's a trailer, not a movie. We're you expecting a surprise?

Aleithian1207d ago (Edited 1207d ago )

The style is predictable. And regarding content, yes I was expecting a surprise. That's sort of what trailers trade in - something new, something exciting.

MaxwellBuddha1208d ago

Suck it, Ubisoft. I'm no longer tolerating this "pre-order now for content we cut out of the game" bullshit.

One price, full experience. Or GFY.

mochachino1208d ago

Welcome to gaming circa 2007 onwards. They almost all do that. Many have the dlc on the disc...

MaxwellBuddha1207d ago

Oblivion, with their infamous Horse Armor, debuted in 2006.

I'm saying I've finally had enough. I spend thousands of dollars a year on this hobby and I'm tired of being treated a goddamn junkie by these greedy publishers.

sungam3d1208d ago (Edited 1208d ago )

One price (free)
Full Experiance

If they want to sell me an incomplete game, I won't buy it.

mochachino1207d ago

Uh..that's not a solution at all.

ScottyHoss1206d ago

What if everyone did it? Maybe they would look at their lowly sales and see that they need to change.

Or it would become China and we would have one time activation codes.

I've never torrented a game in my life but if somehow it gets worse and more expensive then there may be a large scale movement towards it.

Oh and.. Experience*

ginsunuva1208d ago

It seems like they really didn't change much since FC3.

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