XBA | Alien: Isolation Review

XBA - "Alien: Isolation is a tough, terrifying and ultimate thrilling game that’s defiantly old-school in its approach. The result is one of the best survival horror games in recent memory."

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DarkOcelet1387d ago

Another 9 . Reminds me of Deadly Premontion , its not for everyone it seems because it got alot of mixed reviews . Still waiting for it .

ion6661387d ago

only ign gave them a lowest score. which has me thinking ign has ADD.

DarkOcelet1387d ago

Ignorant and lamespot gave it the lowest scores which because i think it was old school hard and thats what i love about it . Day 1 man , Day 1

ps4fanboy1387d ago

Want this ,was watching stream on twitch ,looks awesome ,shame I'm breaking bank ,but dc and wheel is priority!

bunfighterii1387d ago

I'll get it - I'm a huge fan of the original film, so can't wait!