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Gamespot: "Given the poor showing of the last few major games set in the Alien universe, however, it's a welcome one. Developer Creative Assembly understands that an Alien game is nothing without fear, nothing without suspense. A burst of gunfire is all the more effective when silence precedes is, and the sight of a halitotic extraterrestrial is only meaningful if it represents danger--for where there is danger, there is thrill. And Alien: Isolation occasionally captures both that gut-wrenching sense of fear and the momentary comfort of escape. Every breath could be your last. And so you savor each one."

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CloudRap1329d ago

Ouch, well guess I shouldnt be too surprised.

ps3rider1329d ago

Gamespot is good website but the reviewers are really vague ... every game that they have scored below 7 were really good and deserve more than that.

They just put what they felt about the game not giving the fair of reviewing the games

CKPan1329d ago

Stop just looking at the scores, read through the reviews from GS & IGN, and you will know why the scores are low.

vishmarx1329d ago

okay first i saw two 9/10 and now this.
im in two minds.
maybe ill get it later when its cheap

AsheXII1329d ago

Surprised? The game is getting great scores. Only GS and IGN gave it mediocre scores.

chrissx1329d ago (Edited 1329d ago )

A lot of mixed reviews on this game

lastdual1329d ago

That's pretty much par for the course with any dedicated stealth game.

Nowadays, unless a game gives you the option "be stealthy . . . OR go in guns blazing!" it tends to score lower.

However, I personally enjoy the tension that a dedicated stealth experience brings. When you can't fall back on overwhelming firepower, breaking stealth actually matters.

ironfist921329d ago

This is bad. Not sure whats wrong with Gamespot or IGN, but other reviewers have given better reviews.

Im afraid Alien Isolation will unfairly lose sales based on two out of date and incompetent reviewers and their scores.

I know people say "play the game for yourself, dont trust review scores" but when a game like this which has been given the just time and effort it deserves is unfairly reviewed, the gaming sheep will pass it off and trust their word as gospel.

I'm still buying this game.

ABBAJESUS1329d ago

bought it already with season pass. As an Alien fan i am married to this franchise. :D "Shut up and take my money"

ironfist921329d ago

Good to see. I can't wait to get my copy.

Kane221329d ago

did you read their reviews? i bet you didnt. one of the things i agree with is all the backtracking you do. on top of that the alien doesn't even chase through a good chunk game. and the ending is crap. the guns you do get in the game are just useless. there isn't a point for them. except to piss the alien off and shoot stupid androids

UltraNova1329d ago

Maybe the game's publisher advertisement deal with both sites didn't work out?

Yeah, I love them conspiracy theories!

calvincrack1329d ago

When two major outlets score a game low, you take notice. Smaller guys are more easily bought

StrawberryDiesel4201329d ago

That's exactly what I said earlier, thank god there is another individual on this site with a functioning brain stem.

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Neixus1329d ago

I'm glad i didn't have high expectations for this game, seems like the Alien games are doomed to fail.

Ashunderfire861329d ago

Kevin VanOrd too harsh on this game, I guess he doesn't like unpredictable A.I. and a challenging game. I will give this one a rental from Gamefly, and if I like I buy.

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