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AusGamers has reviewed Alien: Isolation and writes:

"Despite the aforementioned gripes, Alien: Isolation kept me coming back for more time and time again, even when it was kicking my arse. As a gamer who prides himself on being quite resilient to the tension tactics of your average horror title, when Isolation was at its best (which it was for most of the game) it had me doing things I’ve never done before. It made me look away. It made me cover my mouth. It made me close my eyes. It even made me scream on more than one occasion."

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Ocsta1414d ago

I'm getting this no matter what the so called "BIG" (read: corrupt) sites are saying. F*** 'em and they're phony balony opinions.

hemmo19861414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Yeah.... i thought it was mixed. I watched IGN and Gamespots first which were negative but the majority of reviews seem positive.

mushroomwig1414d ago

When it comes to a situation like mixed reviews, your best option is to rent the game and try it for yourself. I know what you mean though, judging from the reviews it's clearly a very subjective opinion so it's difficult to know who to listen to.

Ocsta1414d ago

Do what you did when you were a kid, buying/trying a game because it looks cool! When the hell did we become such freaking sheeple?? If the game sucks, sell it or even better: give it to some less fortunate gamer :P