Driveclub Preload Active 2 Days Before Release, Replay Coming As Free Update

The Driveclub preload function has been just confirmed to be available two days prior to release.A Replay mode will be added in a free update

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lifeisgamesok1146d ago

So the fan's suspicions were correct replays will be patched in later like weather

Eonjay1146d ago

Fortunately, like the weather system, the update is free. And PS+ Edition get both for free as well.

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WickedLester1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

Kind of sad that we are at a point in gaming where we should celebrate the fact that something like replay is given to us free of charge.

Maddens Raiders1146d ago

This plus PCars and GT6 on the PS3 will feed my racing appetite heartily until the announcement of PD's next installment. Glad to see Sony still fully dedicated to the passion of Motorsport, after all these years. Drive on.

blitz06231146d ago

Would this preload be also applicable for the PS+ edition or just the full game?

Eonjay1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )


No. PS+ games are never preloaded. You have to chose to download the game once it becomes available. I don't think they will make an exception for DC.

blitz06231146d ago

I suppose the PS+ edition will be smaller in size. I was thinking they might do something like allow us to download the full game but lock the other cars/tracks etc then we just pay the $50 to unlock the full game.

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Alexious1146d ago

I don't see the problem with that, as long as it is done as good as the weather system seems to be.

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ps4fanboy1146d ago

Gutted i need to wait for t300 ,night and day playing with wheel over pad,though I'd stick with pad if accustomed to outside view though.

SKullDugger1146d ago

Will the preload apply to the PS+ edtion?

Fishy Fingers1146d ago

What should be deemed standard features for FREE, so generous.

ccgr1146d ago

At least they're not charging for it....

Sir_Simba1146d ago (Edited 1146d ago )

if they dont say FREE people starting asking isit free or just some question that could be avoided by just saying its FREE

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