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Adam Cook: "Alien: Isolation is a phenomenal title marred by only one major issue that some will overlook, and others will find a deal-breaker. It’s comfortably the best Alien game ever made, and delivers authenticity along with a new story that is worth seeing, experiencing, and fleeing from into the darkness. Never once allowing the immersion to be broken, Creative Assembly have done it. They have actually done it."

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Neonridr1240d ago

Well that's a great start. Here's hoping more reviews are at this end of the spectrum..

I got this on preorder, so I don't want to be disappointed.

Dudebro901240d ago

calling right now, scores will either be 9's or 6s

Neonridr1240d ago

depending on which way up you read the review.. :P

cfc781240d ago

As a big fan of the Alien franchise im keeping my fingers crossed.

GodisaGeek1240d ago

You'll love it. I find it really hard to think a big Alien fan wouldn't adore this.

starchild1240d ago

Yeah, nice review. I can't wait for this game.

Ashunderfire861240d ago

It seems like Ign, Gamespot, and Gametrailer's reviewers don't like unpredictable a.i. and challenge difficulty, but this reviewer play it for what it is with a more honest review. I will give this a rental from gamefly, and if I like it I will buy.

GodisaGeek1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

It's a funny thing, because there obviously is *some* AI, but the Alien is so damn unpredictable. It'll disappear into a vent and you think "Oh, ok, I need to quickly (but quietly!) get out of here". Then suddenly the damn thing changes its mind and jumps back down and you're gone.

There's this wonderful moment (a bit you can see in the video) where I got cocky and coaxed three humans out, then threw a molotov at them. Killed all of them. Proud, I got up and then suddenly the Alien appeared, attracted to the noise.

It turned around and I was frozen. There was nothing I could do. I felt scared, but then, I felt respectful. "Fair enough", I thought, "You've done me, and this is my fault entirely".

I can't stress enough how this is a *stealth* game. You don't want to be using your gun, because it'll attract the Alien. You need to be quiet. I can imagine people who love the "no alert" stuff in MGS loving this. [Adam]

cfc781240d ago

How does it compare to Outlast in terms of scares/atmosphere?

Ashunderfire861240d ago

Great you play the game for what it is, so you see the greatness in it. I feel this game will be that underrated gem months from now. I like unpredictable A.I. and challenge unlike Ign, Gamespot, and Gametrailers.

ThePope1240d ago

Very well done review. You seem to really enjoy gameing.

One observation, and its a small one; the wavey background you use is kind of goofy looking and takes away from the high tech nature of game reviews, with kind of a 70's vibe. Just a thought.

lastdual1240d ago

Actually, I think this review nails the issue perfectly when they complain about the lack of quicksaves. THAT's why other reviewers are giving it lower scores - because if you keep dying and repeating the same section enough times, anything will start to feel repetitive.

The greatest stealth game ever (Thief: The Dark Project), one of the greatest horror games (Amnesia), and the greatest horror-stealth combination game (System Shock 2) - ALL HAD QUICKSAVES.

I'm going to enjoy this game regardless, but trying to artificially add tension by disallowing quicksaves was a stupid decision without a doubt.

smellslikeralph1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

The lack of save might turn me off. The reviewer said at one point he lost almost 40 minutes of gameplay

GodisaGeek1240d ago

I did, but that happened once, and I learned my lesson. After that I saved frequently, and didn't lose such a large portion of the playthrough again. I took for granted that I was safe, and capable enough - and died! [Adam]

DeadIIIRed1240d ago

40 minutes isn't that bad. Ten years ago you could easily lose 15-20 hours of progress because of a faulty or lost memory card. You get angry, leave the game alone for several days, then get back on that horse.

GodisaGeek1240d ago

That's the thing, back when I was growing up, games were just harder and less forgiving. This is (in many ways) a throwback but made with the modern visuals, etc. [Adam]

mushroomwig1240d ago

Nice review, except for the speech about the save "issue". Have we really reached a point where a game gets marks taken off because it doesn't baby you the entire way and save your progress every 10 minutes?

ZombieGamerMan1240d ago

I think we can safely say, Isolation is the redeemer

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