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VideoGamer: "CA has finally nailed the true horror of Alien in video game form. It's only taken 35 years."

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Agheil1330d ago

So many varying reviews ... Hmm

XB1_PS41330d ago

The only people who didn't like it were IGN/Gamespot/Polygon. ie. The worst video game reviewing sites. There's no reason to worry.

LightDiego1330d ago

Exactly, these sites are garbage. Isolation looks awesome.

Ocsta1330d ago

They've lost all credibility. I'll be ignoring them from now on thankee kindly.

Clown_Syndr0me1330d ago

Gonna give this a rent, mixed reviews. I'll rent it when I'm done with Shadow of Mordor.

ABBAJESUS1330d ago

Can`t wait to play this! Arrrrghhh!