Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor - Graphics Comparison

PS4/Xbox One 1080p Patch 9/30/2014 PC Ultra settings

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Dudebro901387d ago

But...But.. the Xbox One cant do 1080p!!!!

I called this when that stupid 720p/30fps rumor hit, and I said there is probably a day 1 patch, and must of received a dozen or so responses saying its impossible.

Eat that crow.

BluFish1387d ago

It wasn't a rumor. They patched the game at release.

Neonridr1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

That would be one HELL of a patch to go from 720p --> 1080p

Like I said down below, Diablo 3 went from 900 to 1080p... but a jump like that?

Foehammer1387d ago


COD Ghosts on PS4 was 720p, then patched.

Funniest part, nobody noticed it was 720p when it came out, lol

ziggurcat1387d ago


FYI it wasn't. a beta build was reviewed.

funniest part, it wasn't 720p when the game was finally released.

Volkama1387d ago

I've not seen anything confirming what the resolution actually is (which is strange considering the 720p rumour was the hottest story on here for so long).

2cents1387d ago

Heat is generated by friction, in this case, the friction came from playstation fans who really really wanted it to be 720p so they just kept pouring over those articles thus making those articles HOT HOT HOT!!!

FITgamer1387d ago

Digital Foundry is releasing their comparison soon so we'll see.

imt5581387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Any official patch notes from developers? I only found news about patch on gamepur ( gamespot is the source ). It is odd that only Gamespot noticed the difference ( if difference exist ), but no official confirmation from developers. Really weird. Anyway, wait for Digital Foundry comparison.

avengers19781387d ago

Game looks great, across all platforms. So no matter what you pick it up for you should be happy.

Animal Mutha 761387d ago

Totally agree, people were very quick to jump on it when it was suggested 720/30 (looking at a large section of N4SG crowd here). Now its 1080 I its a different story.

I don't know where the term eat crow comes from but it sounds quite apt.

Another title at parity.....

larrysdirtydrawss1386d ago

nobody said it couldnt do 1080p,its just that it has to take a graphical hit else where,like it clearly shows,also a framerate hit too

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Neonridr1387d ago

wow, quite the backlash against MS earlier when some report said it was only 720p/30fps. I guess apologies are in order? :P

Xsilver1387d ago

apologies why it wasn't 1080p before the latest Patch :/.

OpieWinston1387d ago

It's FPS was above 30 pre patch as well yet people loved to jump on that train.

Neonridr1387d ago

not quite sure on that one. but 720p --> 1080p is a big difference.

Diablo 3 had a day one XB1 patch too, but I believe it was 900p before the patch..

regardless, nice to see that the XB1 owners will at least get some very nice graphics too. And to be honest, I would prefer a locked 30 over an unlocked. Keeps things consistent. I found playing Infamous when the framerate would jump up and down it felt a little off. Once the patch released for Second Son, I locked it at 30 all the time.

Xsilver1387d ago

i never locked infamous frame rate to me it feels way better than locked but that's my opinion.

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Sure. A higher frame-rate will feel better . . . before the sudden dips of dozens of frames, creating a very serious sense of slowdown. Both visually and in the feel of the gameplay.
If you honestly think you prefer that sort of thing, then you are honestly saying you like the feel of a muddled experience, and you would be in the minority there.
A lower framerate locked will still feel more consistent and, in turn, offer a smoother experience overall.

I am sure all those jumping around, biting at every little piece of information regarding the title on X1, relishing in it and talking smack for weeks, are going to be just as happy to take back what they said and acknowledge this change of events with just as much fervor . . . right? ;)

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wynams1386d ago

Apologies? Were we supposed to be able to look into the future?

hello121387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

The PS4 version looks the best if you ask me. Its looks like the devs put more effort into it really, not surprising when the PS4 has a larger userbase. I actually think the PC version looks the worst.

[email protected] PC has better hardware and its looks the worst to me, very washed out for some reason? The PS4 is better than the x box 1 version i can clearly see that.

Sony was given exclusive content, so it would not surprise me if devs focused on the PS4 version more.

Neonridr1387d ago

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the reason why the PS4 version would look better would have to come down to a bit more powerful hardware, not the extra players.

BluFish1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Saying PC looks the worst is like saying it looks better on PS3 over PS4. The lighting alone makes it a better looking game on PC, not to mention ultra textures (as minor of an improvement as they are).

Assassingamer1361387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Seriously man? Since when was having washed out colors and having textures that are more blurry considered a better looking game? Are we even watching the same video? Right...I can definitely see those ultra textures put to good use....PS4 and Xbone both look superior. I couldn't tell much of a difference between the console versions.

BluFish1387d ago

@AssassinGamer136 - How could the textures possibly be blurrier? That doesn't make sense. The PC has higher resolution textures. Do you think 1080p looks blurrier than 720p? Because that's basically what you're saying.

As far as washed out colors, PC has far more methods of graphical modification, both via your GPU control panel and in-game options.

I have a PC and a PS4, but I'm getting it on PC because of higher framerates, potential mods, and enhanced graphical options. Solid 60 FPS makes for a smoother and more enjoyable experience, anyway. The fact that you think the console versions look identical shows you don't really know what you're looking at.

PC > PS4 > XBOne.

LNDCalling1387d ago

Some PC textures I would have to agree look worse.

Check ground textures from 00:26 - 01:02 in video. Aside from being washed out PC looks markedly blurrier and lower resolution!

Assassingamer1361387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

@Blufish Except all versions of the game are 1080p not just the PC version so that 720p->1080p that you randomly brought up, is invalid. "Higher resolution textures" what did you base this statement on? Higher resolution are pixels that give clearer picture...Textures are a different format. Are you talking about the ultra HD textures? Then that is something different. Although I agree with you the PC version will have graphical mods I'm just basing what I see on this video which obviously shows the PC version being inferior.

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SlapHappyJesus1387d ago

And my Sega Genesis has me questioning what is and is not real at this point.

darthv721387d ago

Well seeing as Genesis does what nintendon't...Id say its all real.

Artista 1387d ago

same game across all platforms.

sigfredod1387d ago

Why the PC version looks washout on this video?

SlapHappyJesus1387d ago

Either they don't know how to calibrate a monitor (if that's what they recorded on, or it's their equipment. Either way, it's not the fairest way of doing a comparison, considering there's such a disaparity in terms of gamma.

dantesparda1387d ago

This video should prove to people that you should never judge these comparisons by the brightness, gamma, how "washout" it looks. Judge the res, textures, AA and so on. But i know ignorant people will continue to judge it stupidly.

Brazz1387d ago

agree whit you! the PC is soo washed that at first the PS4 looks way better! There is no way Ps4 will peform better than PC at ultra, but this video makes Ps4 looks better.

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