Dev: XB1 June SDK Update Was Noteworthy; Consoles More Dev Friendly Than PC

Flying Wild Hog confirmed that the Xbox One June SDK update is significant, but they couldn't use it for Shadow Warrior. Coming from PC, they also commented on the friendlier environment for developer on consoles.

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kaiserfranz1241d ago

That's a pity how they couldn't use the additional power to raise the resolution, since the game was already complete. Oh well, it will be for the next game I guess!

Mostafeto1241d ago

I think that developers and publishers are more interested in consoles than PC as they are starting to be easier to develop for as mentioned in the article and has a larger number of consumers than PC obviousily.

ravensly1241d ago

lol you need money to develop on consoles( pay money to sony or microsoft) while pc is an open source. anyone can develop with free tool provided

brads41237d ago

Your comments make no sense. You obviously have never worked in software design before, so you had no idea what it takes. I develop software for a living, and recognize the realities that many many stupid fanboys just don't understand and can't comprehend. Before you can publish anything, you need to design, develop, then test. That is where the money is spent. You will spend more on QA on PC, even as an indie developer. Also a lot more $$ on support after the fact and tracking difficult bugs brought on by unfamiliar hardware and software configurations.

stragomccloud1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

You realize steam has 100 million active users, right?
And no, it's not easier. This is just a case of a developer paying lip service to console fanboys, since they need to hear these kinds of things in order to sleep at night.

dantesparda1240d ago

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding and the winner is stragomccloud, for giving the smartest comment here. He is absolute right, its exactly how it is.

brads41240d ago

You need money to develop on any platform. Any money you save in DEV on PC, you spend in QA, due to the multitude of hardware configurations. It is a lie that PC dev is cheaper. Console dev should be easier as well for the same tech spec reasons, and they share a common tool kit (when working with MS).

ravensly1240d ago

not the money to develop but publish on the platform. where do you think indie developers come from ?

Imp0ssibl31241d ago

Well, PC will always be more complicated I think, no matter what they do - too many different configurations.

donthate1241d ago

The complication really depends on if the game needs to be significantly optimized. Otherwise, you mostly just code it against the API with some minor optimizations.

brads41240d ago

That is not true at all. There are so many scenarios that will fail device to device, even with a common API. The number of times I have seen code work perfectly, then change servers, and fail completely is mind boggling. You would not know unless you developed for a living.

donthate1240d ago


"The number of times I have seen code work perfectly, then change servers, and fail completely is mind boggling."

What servers are you talking about?

JamshiJack1241d ago

that is nice addition then, so they will improve it on next release

Alexious1241d ago

Yeah, although performance patches aren't really common on consoles (a lot more so on PC). They'll use it for their next game for sure, anyway.

cruzngta1241d ago

November brings another sdk from MS as well. Should bridge the gap from 900 to 1080 even more. Hopefully.

Alexious1241d ago

The big leap should happen when DirectX 12 hits next year. If that isn't enough to bring games to 1080P, then I'd say that most games will be 900P for the entire console generation.

Lenrulesdaworld1241d ago

But most games are 1080p on xbox one, or shall i say there are more 1080p games than a lesser resoulution.

mhunterjr1241d ago

What? The majority of xb1 games are 1080p... Why do you think 900p will be the norm for the entire generation?

internationterrorist1241d ago (Edited 1241d ago )

[email protected]

That is not true. More games on x1 are sub full HD Than 1080P. Just this week 5 games sub full HD. Lord of the Fallen PS4 1080P x1 900p, PES soccer 1080P 60fps PS4 X1 720p 60fps , Project Cars 1080P 60fps PS4 X1 currently 900p 60fps, shadow of mordor 1080P 60fps PS4 X1 unnoticed 720p - 900p 30fps shadow warrior PS4 1080P 60fps X1 900p

X1 is barely treading water right now with last gen CrossOver gen game running at 1080P. Microsoft had to help get Diablo 3 a top isometric game to get it in 1080P.

x1 has 2 year old entry level GPU.

DigitalRaptor1240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Very, very true.

It's not going to be enough to bring games to 1080p, especially if they are skipping last-gen consoles and only focusing on push next-gen hardware.

THE WITCHER 3, for example.

CD Projekt Red have already deemed the DX12 update practically useless for helping their game to reach 1080p, and that is a very ambitious open-world title. The game are only going to become more complex and demanding on hardware from here on out:

@ Lenrulesdaworld and mhunterjr

Read my comment. Most games that are 1080p on Xbone are either… Cross-gen, Indie games, or are undemanding on the hardware.

Even the exclusives that look to be pushing the hardware are 900p at best. i.e. Quantum Break and Sunset Overdrive.

As developers stop including last-gen consoles in their development cycles and focus on the specification of a next-gen console, it will be time to officially wave goodbye to the times where you thought parity might have existed. This gen has only just begun. It's 900p from here on out I think, with some rare exceptions.

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