First Video of Driveclub's Photo Mode in Action on PS4; Check Out its Extensive Features

Driveclub‘s photo mode will come with a rich feature set, but what about seeing it in action? It was featured during Sony's conference at Igromir, and below you can see the video.

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Septic1411d ago

Wow. Best looking racer by a country mile. Can you go up into the clouds btw? I swear the devs did that and showed off actual 3D volumetric clouds.

DarkOcelet1411d ago

Lol that would be awesome , maybe they should make flight club after this one :) .

amnalehu1410d ago

I've bee wondering what else they are going to do with the engine. Maybe some other Sony studios can use it.

Neixus1410d ago

I believe you can, as they have showed it off.

Offtopic: Your comment for me is so funny,I got an extension which switches out the word ''cloud'' to ''butt'' because when all the xbox thing was happening.

Septic1410d ago

Lmao! Where did it get the word "my" from?

Also, why would you get an extension that replaces the word cloud with butt in the first place?!

Neixus1410d ago

Depends on how you type it, cloud, clouds the cloud.. etc.

I got it because i thought all the microsoft ''Power of the clouds!!'' is kinda funny.

Forn1410d ago

No, trust us, we have. Sorry you can't accept that Driveclub looks better.

Septic1410d ago

I played it briefly. It didn't touch the visuals of DC

chrissx1411d ago

Stunning this game is stunning

Xsilver1411d ago

Damn Right it's stunning Bruh this gif shows that DC with mess with your visibility like in real life and let's even mention the Car flip OMG those races should be epic.

Forn1411d ago

Very nice. I'll be playing around with that feature quite a lot when it releases.

G20WLY1410d ago

Me too. There's no doubt this should have been included at launch (in a perfect world), but seeing it now, with such a feature heavy mode - it was well worth it!

Far deeper than the usual racer photo modes. :)

sin72791411d ago

Looks awesome, best looking racer game ever!

Saithraphim1411d ago

wow such a beautiful game. As long as we don't start this game with a mind set that its a racing simulator we will really have ALOT of fun with it

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