New DriveClub PS4 Gif Shows Mind Blowing Graphics/Visuals, Trailer Details PS Plus Edition Content

Here is another DriveClub gif showcasing mind blowing graphics/visuals, never seen before in a racing game.

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FlunkinMonkey1418d ago

I fear this game is going to get slammed for lack of content.. Not shipping with dynamic weather etc. is going to do the game harm with reviews.

Paprika1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Maybe you need to "raiz" you're optimism :)

GameNameFame1417d ago

Best graphics by a mile on next gen console period.

I mean they even rendered background scene in Full 3D as like they do in open world.

bouzebbal1418d ago

reviews? who gives a damn about them anyway.
trailer after trailer shows how nice this game is. If it plays as good as it looks and has some addictive modes it could end up being a pretty big deal for racing fans!

nX1418d ago

Well after Destiny I can see IGN and others bashing Driveclub for features it's not having rather than judging it by the ones it has... and we gamers shouldn't accept this since we should be able to trust those reviews.

Chris121418d ago


sorry fella but you are on full defence in EVERY Sony article. Of course the reviews should point out what the game doesn't have as well as what it does, that way as the consumer we understand better what we are buying. If it is lacking a lot of features this should be reflected in the overall scores. That's what a review is.

Angerfist1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

OMFG hypocrisy at its finest.

Since the competition scored amazing reviews they don't matter anyway.

And did you ever watch a bad trailer?
Those are rendered in-engine but not in game, the first game play video of the retail version didn't look that mind blowing.
And seriously a Weather Patch? What's the issue with that?
It's ridiculous.
I expect 6-7/10 Reviews for this game.

Highlife1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Who cares about the review you get a lot of content to play and come up with your own review and from there can decide to buy.

tlougotg1418d ago


Any game, no matter what system its on should get lower scores because of lack of content! Stop giving pubs. and devs a pass just because you want the game to be the best or have a bias. Its silly and absurd to let these companies get a pass for constantly taking away content from us more and more, year after year.

On that note i will be getting this game because what it does offer looks great! But i am rightfully bummed about lack of content, regardless if it is coming shortly after.

SoapShoes1418d ago

Hipocrites... Games should score less for a lack of content? OK well what about Project Gotham and Need For Speed? They didn't have hundreds of cars. What about Forza 5? According to your logic it should have gotten 7/10 at best for having less than half the content of F4. It only had 13 tracks which is way less than even Drive club.

gootimes1418d ago

Absolutely fantastic looking game, the best racer visuals by far on consoles, can't wait!

nX1417d ago

"Stop giving pubs. and devs a pass just because you want the game to be the best or have a bias."

Oh man what? Who said I'll give anyone a pass? I'm one of those who would give Destiny a 9/10 for fun and addictive gameplay and a 8/10 overall, I don't think it deserved the low reviews it got as I'm still enjoying it. And we don't know about the content in Driveclub yet so I'm certainly not complaining yet. I buy this game because I want a proper racing game and I want to support the guys who made Motorstorm, one of the best racing franchises out there. If that's for you "having a bias" then so be it, but I enjoy these games no matter what the public opinion is.

ITPython1417d ago

@Chris12 - If reviewers rated others game in the same manner they rated Destiny, then every COD game would be getting at best a 2/10 across the board.

Bottom line is, Destiny was crapped on for things they conveniently 'overlook' on other popular franchises, like COD. And thus their reviews are garbage and cannot be trusted.

XanderZane1417d ago

My problem with the weather patch is this; if you are showing ALL these incredible trailers with the RAIN & SNOW in the trailers and this is IN GAME, why the hell is it not available when the game launches? That just doesn't make sense to me. You are showing someone playing the game with the weather effects in the game. It all looks fantastic, right. So why can't we play the game with the weather effects at launch? It's like an Ice Cream parlor showing you a commercial for a Banana Split sundae with whip cream, nuts, chocolate syrup and a cherry, but when you go there and buy it the cherry and chocolate syrup is gone. For me, I don't think they should show trailers with any weather in it if it's not ready. Cause we know there will be thousands of gamers expecting rain and snow in the game when they buy it and be pissed to see it's not there. Hopefuly the night/day effects are in the game at launch.

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DarkOcelet1418d ago

From what i remember , the weather is coming very soon , i think they said a couple of days from launch . And 55 tracks or more is very good and 50 cars is not a low number . Quality over quantity and from what i am seeing . Its the best looking racer this gen and previews said it plays great and you are welcome to try the ps plus version first , you dont have to buy it but if you like it you should buy it to support these people , because honestly they made a major jump from last year .

G20WLY1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Buying it is a great idea - firstly, it looks a whole lotta fun!

...secondly, all proceeds go to Motorstorm PS4 development*!!!

*We can hope :D

JP13691418d ago

They've said they'll reveal the details of the weather patch around the time of launch, but the release certainly won't be within that time frame. Rushy has said to expect it before the end of the year, but that's as much as he'll say on the matter. Photo mode should be released this month though, as well as another track and free car :)

Kryptyk231417d ago

As a die hard Xbox fan...I completely agree with this sentiment. Quality over quantity. Cheers to you my logical friend. I was never interested in games with a shit ton of cars when I really only wanted a few per class. PGR 1, 2, and 3 (didn't play 4) had a good selection and I only used a handful. I would prefer a racer like DC on XB1 over Forza...just my opinion. But I'm not going to go out and buy a PS4 just for one game...regardless of genre. Just like I chose to skip Last of Us...which was the only PS3 game I was ever interested in.

GribbleGrunger1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Maybe not. Dozens of people have an early copy on Gaf and all last night, and today, they've been calling it crack on wheels. Sounds exciting to me.

G20WLY1418d ago

*frowns* drugs + driving = bad, m'kay ;^)

FITgamer1418d ago

Not worried about reviews. Seen enough of the game to know i want it regardless.

nX1418d ago

Yep, the first few people on GAF that got an early copy convinced me a long time ago :)
Now I'm just waiting for the preload .........still waiting :/

AndrewLB1418d ago

Why is it so difficult to make an animated gif @ 1080p so we can see the graphics as they should be? downsampling from 1080p to 640px width is no different than rendering at 4k and downsampling to 1080p in that it removes all aliasing, sharpens textures, and makes any game look far better than it does at 1080p.

DigitalRaptor1418d ago

The answer to that is pretty stupidly obvious Andrew that I'm surprised you have to ask.

So it's either gross stupidity or some pretty desperate stealth trolling going on there. You really can't deal with how amazing this game looks in any form now, can you?

AndrewLB1417d ago

DigitalRaptor- It's not trolling in the slightest. Unlike most people around here, I actually pay attention to marketing BS and notice subtle things companies do to deceive consumers. You should be thanking me since it's clear you didn't notice how they used a small image size in order to essentially down-sample the images to create an animated-bullshot. If that's the way you prefer these companies treat consumers, by using deception in order to enhance graphics, then by all means you can continue to be fooled every time a new game is released that doesn't look as good as it they advertised it to be.

Btw... whats up with the lack of shadows being cast by roadside objects? One would expect that if headlights light up the side of an object, it would also cast a shadow. A few objects like snow markers do, but none of the plants, and whats up with only your vehicle lighting up the plants/guard rails, etc? Opponent cars seem to only put out light on the pavement. It seems the developers haven't driven a car with HID headlights because if they had, they'd know such lights have a cutoff that keeps the lights from blinding other drivers.

Anyways... you guys need to stop getting so angry because someone raises valid questions and critiques. Calling someone stupid who is clearly far more knowledgeable than you when it comes to graphics technology makes you look petty. If you object to what I say, then explain why I'm wrong instead of acting like a complete fanboy.

zeuanimals1418d ago

The weather system is the best we've ever seen, but I can see some dumb reviewers bashing it for not be there at launch. That's like bashing Mozart for not making one of his symphonies earlier. You can't rush perfection.

Games take a damn long time to make nowadays. That's the cost of people wanting to be wowed by the new gen, devs have to spend years making everything.

It used to be that cars in games would take a day or a week to create. Now with Evolution setting the bar so high and needing 7 months to create a single car, I kind of expect things to escalate.

It all boils down to the arguments of quality vs. quantity. Personally, I'll almost always take quality over quantity.

Condemnedman1417d ago

So review like it's there? Are you serious. At the end of the day it's about how fun it is to play not the weather effects.

360ICE1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I know one reviewer who's not gonna slam it...

otherZinc1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

I don't understand?

"They" said the PS4 was sooo powerful and easy to program for, wtf happened?

DLC Weather...why is that not ready at launch?
Is Drive Club an MMO?
Why only 38 cars at launch?
Why only 1 feature: Clubs.

Maybe it's just me, I thought more would be packed in the box.

DigitalRaptor1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

This is coming from otherZinc…. a person who thought that DriveClub wouldn't be able to handle AI cars on the track because they were showing ghosting on the tracks in early demos, and the same person that has continually downplayed the game despite dramatic improvement in pretty much every area..

Weather is not ready at launch because it takes time to perfect such features. You don't rush a game to launch like Forza 5 clearly was, and like the rest of the Xbone launch lineup were. Forza 5 was an absolutely huge visual DOWNgrade from the pre-release material and you seem to have used that game as a talking point to downplay DriveClub despite it being a new IP and its continuous UPgrades.

DriveClub doesn't only have 38 cars at launch. It has 50 cars at launch with 38 more as part of the Season Pass and 9 more to follow for free.

It obviously has more than 1 feature, silly little troll.

Why is it so unsurprising to me that a persistent Xbox fanboy gets so many details wrong about the game they are poorly attempting to hate on? MAKE AN EFFORT if you're going to try and downplay what is going to be a great game.

thereapersson1417d ago

Funny too, because at the time of my writing this he had more agrees than disagrees. Not that it's entirely relevant, but it shows people are waiting for any chance they can to bash the game.

Dissidia1417d ago

The Weather is not DLC, it is feature fans expressed a desire for and evolution decided to implement which is why it is not ready just yet.

There are only 38 cars at launch because of the amount of detail put into them, no other racing game ever made has attempted as much car detail that driveclub has accomplished.

The whole point of the game is that it is a social connected racer, that has been made clear from the start. Maybe you simply were expecting too much. But I know myself and many other racing game fans will find a great and fun experience in DC.

reaperofsouls1417d ago

othertroll - I can tell by your history of anti driveclub comments that you are really really butthurt and threatened by Driveclub AKA forza killer lol

FernGully1415d ago

Many of you Mates never new that OtherZinc was a both babe for Brute Force! Now she is old and soggy!

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Bdub20001417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

We all look at our games through rose colored glasses. If it's a x1 exclusive, Sony guys bash it for the missing details. If it's a ps4 exclusive with the same issues, it doesn't bother the Sony guys. And vice versa, x1 guys do the same thing.

So yes, as a consumer, I would want to know if this game is lacking content, and it should be marked down for it. Because the community should freak out if it gets a 10/10 needing a day 1 weather patch, and only has a handful of cars, etc... Or if it's basically Forza with better graphics.

Edit: but maybe it is a 10/10 game... Who knows. But as a community we need to be careful, because if graphics alone start a wave of 10/10 scores, the developers may shift away from good and creative content.

masterfox1417d ago

lol reviews, meanwhile this so called gaming journalist will write their reviews based on hate, trollness and ignorance, I will be having a blast playing this game, the same happened to Destiny so many dumb reviews about it and still people counting hours and hours of gameplay, for me is like already 48 hours :D.

So reviews can go and suck it!!!!! I will have a blast playing Driveclub the full version of course ;)

ginsunuva1417d ago

It is shipping with dynamic weather. It's not shipping with weather that syncs to your real-world location.

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hemmo19861418d ago

While the game looks visually stunning, its got some stiff competition at this time of year. Especially for a racing game.

DarkOcelet1418d ago

Well its only competitor is Project Cars really since Forza is exclusive and The Crew while looking great will suffer from the Ubisoft formula and some previews stated that the car handles like Watch Dogs , while i am not sure that is true but if its reall then it dug its own grave early .

uth111418d ago

Some of the beta testers have said Crew handling is not like Watch Dogs at all and actually handles fairly well. I'm cautiously optimistic for the Crew right now.

The Crew is a different type of game. I think Project Cars is the real competition for DC, and DC has the advantage of launching first.

BluFish1418d ago

Ugh, Watch_Dog driving was atrocious.

GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1418d ago ShowReplies(4)
Ju1418d ago

This game is just sick. Autodownload starts on the 5th. Yay!

uth111418d ago

Don't we get this same headline everyday? Lol.

cfc781418d ago

I know what you mean every articles about how the game looks.

ps4fanboy1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

some guy on twitch found something to moan about ...Game ai when turned up is hard as f....Lol,excellent news!