The Order 1886 Should Have Been a Launch Title

To look at The Order 1886 it’s understandable to think that this is the next-generation torch-bearer for the PlayStation 4. While Killzone: Shadow Fall and Infamous: Second Son both looked utterly gorgeous and blew Xbox One games out of the water in terms of their visual fidelity, they look old and dated next to what Ready At Dawn has managed to achieve with The Order.

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Torque_CS_Lewith1385d ago

Even the positive previews of this game mention how the gameplay is rather stale so far. I am all for pretty graphics but too much of that and not enough focus on gameplay and you have yourselves another Crysis 2 or Ryse.

internationterrorist1385d ago

Did you ever read the article. That's not what the Arthur me wanted to say. No he was speaking of the lack of of new of innovation and gameplay.

I don't think that every game has to be innovative. Last gen the best game of that gen was The Last Of Us. The Last Of Us did not have innovative game play. But what The Last Of Us did have. Was a great story, graphic and solid controls. I hoping the same for The Odrer.

P.S The Odrer graphics are mind blowing. The Odrer has some of arguably the best graphics on console or PC.

MrPink20131385d ago

Visually not5hing can really touch it. The gameplay is where many have questioned and how linear it is with a constant pullback of cutscenes.

This game is going to get another delay. Sony will want to make sure this game succeeds and try to fix some of the issues being mentioned. More importantly it is scheduled to ship around the same time as Bloodborne and Witcher 3.

monkeyDzoro1385d ago

You surely didn't even read the article. The guy is saying the gameplay is good but that it's last gen.
But my concern is: REMEDY showed QBreak footage and the gameplay was SHOOT - COVER - BULLET.TIME, just like TheOrder1886. Yet, nobody seems to complain about that last gen gameplay.
I think people like to CRITICIZE the gameplay of games which have AMAZING graphics, because it's the only thing they can criticize. And that's what they're doing w/ TheOrder1886.
Criticizing gameplay doesn't bother me, but it's their double standard that annoys me. They'll bash TheOrder1886 for it BUT when another game will come out w/ a last gen gameplay w/ average graphics they'll praise it to the sun.

Destiny/Titanfall are great examples of this.

jetlian1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

he nailed nothing! nobody played QB yet outside of the devs. They have played the order 1886 and didnt like how it felt!!

thats the difference

Salooh1385d ago (Edited 1385d ago )

You lose dumb dumb , you can't win against fanboys(ignorants) , it's like talking to a racist that we all humans and have equal rights. For example , some one in my class think he's better then the others. But in time he figured that without these people he will be nothing and they actually don't need him , they can live without him , so he learned to respect them as if they are in his level or even above and now they are like family. Same can be happened to consoles. Saying a negative thing about a game should be considered a feedback not hate . xP

Both games are promising , each focus on something. But we all agree that the story on both gonna be awesome :P . However , the more complicated the gameplay the better

i'm not buying the order for gameplay but judging from last video it's improving to be more suitable and more fun with the story.

As for Quantum break we only saw the gameplay once so it still have time to improve and add more features.

MCTJim1385d ago

From what I have been reading up on this and the many comments from numerous sites...This game SOUNDS like the X1's Ryse in terms of Graphics and fidelity. Judging the game now just based on that is just silly. I will wait for the release of the game to have final judgement on its gameplay. If its like Ryse, which I enjoyed very much, I will pick this title up.

DougLord1385d ago

Killzone and Infamous don't blow Xbone games out of the water. Author is a Sony troll. Best looking games were Ryze and F5 at launch - but even I'm not enough of a fanboi to say they blew anything out of the water. GFX are all pretty similar this gen.

And yes, both systems should have been delayed for the current crop of games. Imagine Xbone with F5, FH2, DR3, TF, SO, MCC, Ryze, KI 1&2 etc... as exclusive launch titles and with price equal to PS4 withpu Kinect. That's a totally different console war.

medman1385d ago

Delusional douglord has much delusions to overcome. I'm starting a kickstarter for delusional dougie...

vongruetz1385d ago

I think The Last of Us should have been a PS3 launch title. Games will come out when they're ready. You can't magically make them appear.

As for The Order, the sense that I get is that it is a narrative, story driven shooter that plays out over the course of the game. I don't think someone standing at a noisy, crowded demo booth and playing it for five minutes is going to get the game at all.

It also doesn't help that they've only demoed the exact same piece at different shows because they don't want to spoil any more of the game than they have to.

Skankinruby1385d ago

Considering the insane success of the ps4 thus far I really doubt sony feels they 'should have' done anything different than they did.

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