Examiner Exclusive: Inside ‘WWE 2K15’

After “WWE 2K15” was delayed two weeks ago, the wrestling game fan community shuddered.

“What’s wrong with it,” they wondered. “Why have their been so few gameplay videos and screenshots released,” more pondered.

Swimming in uncharted waters with the next-gen debut, 2K’s decision to delay the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One debut to Nov. 18 and Nov. 21 is one the company says is to ensure the best product possible.

From better visuals and commentary to a stronger focus on match psychology, 2K’s hands have been full making all of the necessary changes to ensure “WWE 2K15” gets more than a cheap pop once it’s released.

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ABBAJESUS1417d ago

Do they use same old game engine with only improved visuals? Gameplay looks kinda same as in older games.

FireBlast10771414d ago

How can you tell what the gameplay looks like?