Forget That Awesome UK PS4 Package, This One Is Better

Online outlet ShopTo is currently selling Sony’s next-gen system with four fairly recent games for £369.85. For your money, you’ll get a standard Jet Black console, alongside FIFA 15, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Minecraft, and inFAMOUS: First Light. Considering that you can get the system with just EA Sports’ soccer sim for £349.00 from Amazon right now, that’s a great deal.

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BG115791385d ago

There is a story in N4G that complained that PS4 were getting ridiculously big... Oh boy, this one is even bigger!!! ^^

It's a cool thing for buyers.Well I still think I they can do better. I want a bundle with 2 DS4, the camera, the four games, a PSvita and an hard-drive of 1Tb...
That would be even better.

Paprika1385d ago

Lol, now that's a big deal! But I think its something we can all only wish for.

MasterCornholio1385d ago

That's an awesome bundle. I love how Minecraft is included with it.


daBUSHwhaka1385d ago

Love shopto.That's who I get most games from unless I'm trading.You ALWAYS get your games a couple of days earlier than release.I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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