Top 10 Overrated Games

CheatCC: The simple fact is, some games are just memorable, for better or worse, and that fact alone helps them to make the climb up the various charts and lists of greatest games ever. This is even more apparent when we haven’t played the game in a while, or when it succeeds in spawning a collection of sequels.

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stonecold31332d ago

no way mgs4 is overrated one of my top ten games on ps3 i know there other games are out there overrated .

DarkOcelet1332d ago

10- Lego Everything
9-Kingdom hearts (Everything other than .KH1 and .KH2)
7-Mgs 4
6-The sims
5-Any Music Title (Rockband , GUITAR hero . Etc ...)
1- Call of duty ( from 4 to the present)
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