Project Spark Will be Officially Released Next Week

Microsofts very pretty free-to-play “game-maker video game” will be leaving beta next week. On October 7th, Project Spark will become an officially released product.

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IQUITN4G1382d ago

Isn't this also coming to 360 at some point? certainly it was said that it would be

poppinslops1382d ago

It is, but the PC and Xbox One versions will be out first.

I don't think there's a date set for the 360 version...
However, they're still running and updating the beta on Xbox One (and PC, I assume), so a 360 version will likely take some time.

FarEastOrient1381d ago

First D4 and now this, come on Microsoft announce the date before people forget it exist. Also next week is going to be busy!

IQUITN4G1382d ago

Hmm well at least it's still on the cards. Thanks

ScorpiusX1382d ago

Beta was fun can't wait.

poppinslops1382d ago

Yeah, I sank a lot of time into my little 'shangri-la'... Just put a bridge in this arvo!

Now I'm really keen to have a crack at some ot the other templates... Especially the Space/sci-fi stuff.

Volkama1382d ago

Project Spark is quite amazing. Not sure I have the time or capacity to make a full game, but the tools definitely have potential.

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