Experiment 02: A Crippled Giant - PS4 vs. An Old PC | AUTOMATON Gaming Laboratory

Peter Martin is back with the second installment of AUTOMATON's Gaming Laboratory, in which the PlayStation 4 is forced to test its mettle against an old computer in a battle of life and death. Or at least a bit of sarcastic derision.

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Volkama1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )

Oh this will upset a few people.

Personally I do not want to use my consoles for any of the things he tested, so I'd probably never have felt there was anything missing. But I can see how someone might be disappointed if they used the ps3 like that and then 'upgraded'.

Edit: Not seeing where the old PC really factors into the article though

decrypt1326d ago

Funny people still even make comparisons between PC and console.

Consoles have no games.

d3nworth11326d ago

Now I know you're not talking. All you do is compare PC and consoles.

"Consoles have no games" Obviously trolling. This site mostly talks about console games. If console had no game this site would be pretty sparse.

Volkama1326d ago

It's the bit where he implies that what Sony have released is more draconian than what Microsoft were ever planning that will upset people I think.

The PC doesn't really enter into the article at all, it's more a PS4 vs PS3 piece, or just generally a dig at Sony.

kevnb1326d ago (Edited 1326d ago )