Which is better, Call of Duty or Battlefield?

Don't worry, the writer doesn't take sides!

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Hellsvacancy1415d ago

Me personally, Battlefield, although it's not the game it once was, I LOVED the early Bad Company games, it still has the edge over COD, variety

Utalkin2me1414d ago

Actually, Cod4 and Bc1 was some of the most memorable online gaming. I enjoyed both games thoroughly.

venom061414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

the clown that put this on N4G said "don't worry the writer doesn't take sides", when clearly he does when you read it... pathetic useless article from OBVIOUS CoD fanboy.. nothing to see here, move along.

mikeslemonade1414d ago

Call of Duty looks better and is playable. Battlefield is trash on the consoles. You're actually the casual gamer if you think BF is better than COD on the consoles. Now on the PC, BF is better.

ScottyHoss1413d ago

Did you just say battlefield doesn't look as good, visually, as CoD? Man, someone's gotta get off the hard lemonade, it's impeding your vision. Either platform, next generation or PC, Battlefield looks better than CoD.

Gameplay is subjective, not going to question that, but are you really calling me casual for enjoying BF4 on consoles?

I guess 250 hours is casual /s
Your bubble count makes absolutely no sense to me /s

Edito1414d ago

For me it's like comparing Gran Turismo to Need For Speed they are on different fields i like both and i can't compare them.

Torque_CS_Lewith1415d ago

Battlefield for me. Then I've only played BC2, BF3 and MW1

ironfist921415d ago

Which is the lesser of two terrible games?

ABizzel11415d ago

I've reached my enough point with both games (COD early last-gen & BF4 did it for me).

Both are good games, but very different. COD is quick shoot'em up style FPS, Battlefield is a bit more team oriented and has a slightly slower / heavier pace.

Which has the best single player?

Spec Ops.

HonestDragon1414d ago

Ah, Spec Ops. One of the gems of 2012. I wish more people played it to see the potential military shooters could have these days with characters and narrative.

ab5olut10n1414d ago

BF:BC 1 and 2 trump all CoD's

Masterchief_thegoat1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

trump cod 4 mw gtfoh. even though I prefer halo over cod and bf not saying bf is lame, I like 3 even though the game has a lot of bugs from the story all the way to mp mw is a classic

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