Destiny - Xur: Agent of Nine's location and Items Revealed for Week 4 (10/3)

GC - "Xur: Agent of Nine"s location for week 4 has been revealed."

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Smurf11144d ago

Kinda disappointed with the items this week, but I get to save my strange coins so it's all good.

thekhurg1144d ago

Been playing since launch and still haven't gotten 23 strange coins... :/ I'm at 18 though so maybe next week I'll have enough coins to buy something interesting.

TRD4L1fe1144d ago

You're doing something wrong then

AnotherGamer1171144d ago

If you are at level 18 - that is why. I really didn't amass strange coins quickly until I got around level 26/27. then I could do the daily/weekly/nightfall strikes on their hardest level. The weekly on level 28 gives you 9 strange coins.

thekhurg1144d ago

@above I'm lvl 26 and can't solo the weekly stuff - don't have access to that large group of strange coins in one pop.

People on my friends list have quit playing for the most part, and the 2 that do play don't do fireteam stuff.

I've had to farm mine from dismantling blue items over and over again for a chance at getting one.

Ozmoses1144d ago

yeah kid you're doing it wrong... real wrong...

I dunno even know how many I've had in total... but it's upwards of 70...

hell I currently got 35 Motes Of Light right now... and that's not even counting the 23 I spent that one time on an exotic engram..

Nightwing65711144d ago

Same here, lvl 24…I do the weekly and the public events too. I really want/need the coins. Any tips to be offered since I am missing some magical way to accumulate coins?

theDivision1144d ago

For all of you trying to get strange coins if you aren't level 28 get to 24 and just go one the reddit and ask for people to join you for the 22 one. I have two character level 26 and 27 so I just run the first two on both and can easily get 12 very fast. I currently have 34 due and haven't tried to get any in the past week but that's because Xur has disappointed me two weeks in a row.

As for motes of light if you spend 1-2 hours doing the daily bounties you WILL get 23 (assuming you are level 20 already) motes in a week. I usually do 3-4 of each and the queens bounties have made leveling so much easier. I got 25 last week and 29 by yesterday so it the motes are very easy to get.

HellzAssassin1144d ago

I've got a group of guys level 28+. You're welcome to join us if you'd like people to play with. We're on almost every day doing strikes, weekly/heroic events, raid, etc. If you've got a mic, send me a message/FR on PSN: HellzAssassn.
My entire clan is doing the Raid again tonight, so we may not be available due to such.

PS. I've had plenty of strange coins. Doing level 28 weekly/nightfall and such give you 9 a piece. Look us up on too (Farm And Raid Industries Inc)

SojournUK1144d ago

I think he means he has 18 coins - not that he is lvl 18

HellzAssassin1144d ago

I forgot to mention in my previous comment. I'm playing on PS4

Themba761144d ago

i had 51 strange coins and bought red death and the saint helm and have 16 to spare.

KwietStorm1144d ago

You just don't play enough or, damn I don't even know. Do you do weekly strikes at all? I've spent over 50 strange coins since launch.

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DaGR8JIBRALTAR1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Finally got the sunbreakers for my warlock and that made me a twenty seven. Movin on up!

TAURUS-5551144d ago

agent of nine ??? im level 25 and i havent got many strange coins lol

OCEANGROWNKUSH1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )


C'mon Bungie this is 3 weeks in a row with the same garbage item for the warlock class, get it together!

GhostTurtle1144d ago

Sunbreakers weren't last week but I get what your saying.


Yes you are correct i didnt actually check last week now that i recall, but 3/4 weeks has been the same :/

theDivision1144d ago


dumahim1144d ago

Great, Hunter Helm and Exotic helm engram again.

Pen151144d ago

I've been waiting for some exotic Hunter gauntlets and have only seen one person rocking them.

dumahim1144d ago

That would be nice, but it’s more annoying for me that every week the Hunter item and the Exotic engram have been the same slot. There’s 4 items (one for each class and one exotic) for sale and 4 equipment shots. How hard is it to ensure the exotic engram is not the same slot as the class items being sold?

CorndogBurglar1144d ago

I only have 9 strange coins :(

I would like that titan helmet.

TheRedButterfly1144d ago

- . - You can have mine. I've managed to acquire 3 of them so far from RNG/engrams... which royally sucks since I play Warlock.

SojournUK1144d ago

Pity they dropped trading out of this 'MMO'

Mega241144d ago

dismantle 2, save one for your titan if you level one, if you dismantle it will give 3 ascendant shard almost 100% of the time.

Broll1144d ago

If you can manage to get the extra coins before Xur disappears, the helm is totally worth it for Defender subclass on the Titan. It blinds all enemies that enter your Ward of Dawn bubble, even in PvP. :P

CorndogBurglar1144d ago

Yeah, I saw that! I play Defender most of the time, so thats why I want it. it would definitely be helpful, especially on Control missions!

GrandpaSnake1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

so i winged it again with the exotic engram and got a exotic for another class. so that makes two straight weeks the engram i buy is for another class. i managed to get red death too, the exotic pulse riffle so far its a good buy.

Avernus1144d ago

I got that from a drop... the gun is garbage. A nice novelty item though. It fires too slow, and recoil / spread is too much for PvP and funny enough, PvE. Maybe they buff it in the future.

GrandpaSnake1144d ago

yeah the main reason i got it was because of its healing abilities paired off with my other ones i couldnt turn it down.

Tru_Blu1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

I had so many motes I bought a tail for my titan and gambled on an exotic engram, got the striker class one, now can rock defender and striker helms. Had the defender one already. Only drawback is have to level it up, I drop to 27 with the new helm from 28.

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