Gaming Age reviews Nascar 09

Brian Peterson reports:

''Last year EA made its next generation debut of NASCAR on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. While it was extremely bare bones, many fans could see the potential of what EA was shooting for in the future. Now comes along NASCAR 09, and while it is an improvement in almost every aspect from controls to options, it still isn't close to what fans of stock cars want to see from their beloved franchise.

Visually NASCAR 09 looks greatly improved, but falls short of what a next gen driver should look like. Yes, the cars are very detailed and support damage. Yes, the tracks are replicas of the actual raceways. Yes, the lighting has received a major overhaul. But with all of these yes words intact, the game still falls short of other drivers on the market like GRID when it comes to visual beauty. While I'm sure that hardcore fans will shrug at this oversight, casual gamers who are interested in the sport will not be awed by the visuals presented before them. I am happy to see EA finally get the frame rate to a respectable level, even with all cars on the field. Alas, the game just has a bland look to it no matter how you look at it. Even the presentation hasn't lived up to the EA style of TV presentation. But hey, at least you get FMV tutorials from Jeff Gordon right?''

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