Destiny Guide: How to earn Ascendant Shards and Energy Fast

GC - "Ascendant Shards and Ascendant Energy are required to upgrade Legendary and Exotic gear."

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starrman19851505d ago

Great list.... basically says play the game haha

LifeSaver1505d ago

They missed 1 point:

- Do public events

Assassingamer1361504d ago

Pointless guide is pointless

Kryptonite42O1504d ago

Im currently sitting at lvl 26 for my hunter. I'm leveling a second hunter that way when I reach lvl 20 with my new hunter, I can vault my good gear from my lvl 26 and switch it over to the new hunter, which will automatically make it a second level 26. This will allow me to do the daily/weekly/public events twice, effectively doubling my loot, which will all also be thrown in my vault and going toward one character.
a bit of a grind getting the second character to 20, but should save time in the long run.