Why Shadow of Mordor Doesn't Have 'Lord of the Rings' in its Title

Twinfinite writes, "These guys get full props for resisting the urge to simply lean back up on the Lord of the Rings license and let Shadow of Mordor stand up as its own thing. Based on reviews and sales, this gamble seems to be paying off so far."

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Ezz20131203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Amazing game so far
i'm soooo loving the mix of Assassin's Creed/Batman Gameplay style in this big open world game
also run like a charm on PC

Kivespussi1203d ago

Yeah I was kind of expecting a bad port for some reason but were positively surprised. The game is outstanding, makes me a bit sad that it won't reach the sales numbers of Destiny, it would definitely deserve it.

Meltic1203d ago

Ofc it has. It has gollum in it :). So some LODR it have.

Army_of_Darkness1203d ago

Funny how a couple people on here think it's not a lord of the rings game just because it doesn't have the name in it's title lol!

WitWolfy1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Ignorance is bliss, or they didn't pay attention that Mordor was mentioned multiple times through out the trilogy.

Mr_cheese1203d ago

mentioned. The story was based around them heading into it, how could that be missed hahahaha

Palitera1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Mordor exists outside the trilogy. Sauron, the ring, Celebrimbor, The Dark Hand, even Talion now etc.

In fact, intelligent people can even see that the period of the game doesn't even match LotR's span.

But whatever. What to expect from people that saw the movies and think they are experts in the Tolkien creations? To these people and under this "logic", The Hobbit is a LotR "movie". lol

Ignorance at its best.

BTW: Is Silmarillion a LotR book as well? BWAHAHA

joab7771203d ago

I think Middle Earth does the trick for most. But if they avoided severe restrictions, it was worth it. Playing Destiny and loving it but when I hit 30, gonna try and get to this b4 Dragon Age.

sarlucic1203d ago

Played it for 20 hours now, It is really fun, more fun than almost any game in years. But.. ehm, it kinda feels like a Star Wars game, you feel like a Jedi, force choking people, force blinking, force pushing (when you level your stun) and so on. How you jump from incredible heights, taking no damage, using the force to slow you down before you hit the ground. Dressed in a hood, cape and a glowing blue sword.

Passenger1203d ago

"Dressed in a hood, cape and a glowing blue sword."

Actually your description matchs Obi Wan :D Does he get killed in the end?^^

Meltic1203d ago

taking no dmg ?. You die easy in this game :O

sarlucic1203d ago

Not when jumping off buildings.

loganbdh1203d ago

I think Each time you jump from the tower he's possessed by the archer or he's phasing between worlds and when he lands he phases back in

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The story is too old to be commented.