Driveclub Could Be The Best Game Released In October

The promising racer from Evolution Studios might end up being the elite title of the month. Don't forget that most huge games are in November now.

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lifeisgamesok1412d ago

It'll have to fight with Sunset Overdrive for that title

And that's a very tough battle

sobotz1412d ago

Anyway, it's a great month for both consoles

thereapersson1412d ago

Most importantly, it'll be a good month for gamers on both sides of the fence. Sunset Overdrive and Drive Club? Sign me up!

XBLSkull1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Pretty sure Sunset Overdrive will beat it out. It'll be in competition with Alien and Evil Within though. Sunset Overdrive will appeal to a wider audience and I bet scores high 8 / low 9, and we will see these other 3 games somewhere in the 7 or 8 range.

I think it's more fair and will be more interesting how it fairs against Forza Horizon 2's metacritic of 86. They are both racers only releasing about a week apart and that's a more fair comparison

Army_of_Darkness1412d ago


Whenever I see your predictions towards what game will triumph over the other, which in your case is always an xbone exclusive LOL!
my reaction is normally.. "Uh huh.. yeah, okay bro, suuuuure... if you say soooooo"

bazinga_911412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


"Pretty sure Sunset Overdrive will beat it out."

Maybe in your dreams.
We don't give a toss about your BS biased opinions. So keep that garbage unto yourself.

bouzebbal1412d ago

i didn't expect less from a blind fanboy like you.

DriveClub is a great deal for racing fans.. X1-only owners will have SO this month. In the end everyone wins..

mikeslemonade1412d ago

Sorry guys but the fact is Sunset Overdrive or Evil Within should take home that title.

amiga-man1412d ago

Sunset Overdrive may outsell DriveClub but only because Driveclub is available to download free (minus some tracks and cars) and many will be trying that first.

Having said that with the numbers the PS4 is doing compared to the xone, the obvious quality of Driveclub has every chance of doing big numbers

bouzebbal1412d ago

maybe but it will for sure sell consoles and even lots of PS+ subscriptions. Get PS+ get DriveClub! Pretty smart marketing

gootimes1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I like how people are using FH2's meta number instead of Forza 5's to go up against Drive Club, lol.

People are so against comparing the two games until it comes to meta scores right? I thought an open world racer shouldn't be compared to a track racer... sheesh

Kidmyst1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

If, IF Drive Club beats Sunset overdrive it'll be "Well PS gamers got it free from Plus so that's why it did better". I plan to download DC.

Ju1409d ago

Are you guys kidding me. Driveclub is THE racing game to beat this year and the fact there is NO racing game available on the PS4 will make this the top seller in October. I would have my doubts if Destiny would have launched in the same month - but since that's not the case, there is no competition. Racing games are huge on the PS brand - mine is already downloading. I can't wait for this game. Don't make me laugh bringing up Sunset Overdrive into this discussion. A new brand who nobody heard of on a console nobody's buying...nope. Not gonna happen.

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lonelyplayer1412d ago

Tbh I'm a huge ps4 fan but I'd prefer sunset overdrive any day over a racing game.
Good thing is drive club is free :D

krouse931412d ago

True, but as a long time PlayStation Gamer, Insomniac, seems to be on a downward trend, I mean it seems like Sony hasn't even tried to buy them because they're lacking positive critical reception for all of their games (Ratchet and clank, Outernaughts, Fuse, and Resistance 2-3), hopefully this Sunset Overdrive IP bucks the trend.

tinynuggins1412d ago

Sony hasn't tried to buy anything with the exception of gaikai because they don't have the money. They are doing good not to close studios at the moment.

Derekvinyard131412d ago

Resistence 3 was rated highly, and IMO was the best one in the series and an overall excellent expirience

opoikl1412d ago

Yeah, to this day Resistance 3 and Halo are the only true advocates for console shooting IMO (and maybe Goldeneye 64, but I was too young to judge how good it actually was).
They are just a blast to play and I'm sure R3, just like Halo, will still be fun and have relevant gameplay in 10 years time.

DeadlyOreo1412d ago


Yet they spend money on exclusive games such as Bloodborne, The Order, Driveclub, another Uncharted etc. As well as employing again at Suckerpunch for a new title. Stop using that "no money" rubbish. Microsoft closed it's own studios which looks way worse, but that wasn't because they had no money lol.

The simple fact is that Sunset is an Xbox One exclusive because like Tomb Raider and Titanfall, Microsoft threw a hell of a lot of money for it. Sony just doesn't do business like that as it really doesn't pay off.

Knushwood Butt1412d ago

Remember the Resistance 3 multiplayer?

I don't...

bouzebbal1412d ago

I love Ratchet and Clank games and i finished ALL of them (except Q-force and A4O) and everytime it's a great experience cause i love that series.
Resistance on the other hand didnt really appeal to me, and neither did the very bad Fuse.
right now to me Insomniac Games = Ratchet games (if i put Spyro aside).
Sunset seems to be a fun game, but not worth investing on x1 only for that game.

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TheWackyMan1412d ago

Don't forget Bayonetta 2.

TheWackyMan1412d ago

I guess everyone is just upset that their precious PS4 has less games than the Wii U.

EmptySkyForm1412d ago

"Hey guys! Don't forget the Wii U" lmao

G20WLY1412d ago

^lol You can't seriously believe the PS4 has less games than the Wii U! :^/

DC shaped up well after the huge delay. Seems fresh; I'm hopeful for a damn good racer. Saw the night time crash someone filmed and it filled me with adrenaline! Imagine with Morpheus! o_O

ricochetmg1411d ago

It would be the best game coming if it was next gen.

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bazinga_911412d ago

SSOD? Lmao! Try harder next time.

lelo2play1412d ago

"Driveclub Could Be The Best Game Released In October"


DeadlyOreo1412d ago

It does look great but I'm hoping Evil Within and Borderlands claim that prize.

Magicite1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

theres nearly zero hype about SSOD. Also theres much less pre-orders for SSOD. If anything, I would rather put Lords of the Fallen against instead.

KirbysDump1412d ago

What an awfully badly written article too.

hello121412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Driveclub will sell better than Sunset Overdrive and Not going to compare two games that are completely different, know point.

marlinfan101412d ago

its quite funny how if anyone even mentions that something might do better than DC, its automatically disagreed with by all the rabid fanboys on this site. just shows how insecure they really are.

rebeljoe141412d ago

Nah Samurai Warriors 4 will own both DC and SSOD. Its gettings 10s across the board.

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qwerty6761412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

"could be"

although from a ps fanboy site that opinion really holds no merit.

G20WLY1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Careful now, don't be throwing stones in your glass house! ;^P

It looks great. Hopefully it will BE great and - more importantly - good fun!

ScaryMonkey1412d ago

Every site is a "ps fanboy" site if it doesn't conform to your xbox fanboy ideology.

KiwiViper851412d ago

That's a bold statement. There's a lot of games releasing this month, mostly new IP so lots of unknowns in there.

MysticStrummer1412d ago

The Evil Within gets my vote, speaking as an uniformed voter (haven't played), but I'll be buying DC along with TEW.

TheFutureIsBlue1412d ago

Yeah man I agree. I'm looking forward to Driveclub too, but be honest...when was the last time anyone said "So and so racer was my goty"? I say goty because if it were to be the best game this month it would have to beat some goty contenders.

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