Final GameJournoPros Thread Released – Not a Laughing Matter

Today, Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart released another group of emails from the now widely known GameJournoPros, or Game Journalism Professionals mailing list. Basically, the final thread is full of emails of complete surprise over the uproar that the gaming community went into when its existence and content was revealed. Plenty of comments were said in a joking matter, implying how moronic it was for the community to be this up in arms. Well, this is definitely not joking or laughing matter.

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LightDiego1506d ago

And these douches want to be called journalists? Great article and please, read the comments section, a great quote from an user there:
"I repeat, if they expect to be cultural commentators, then I'd hope they'd have the intellectual firepower to back up their claims. So far, all I've seen is the drunken ramblings of madmen who are all too happy to sell their articles and objectivity for their next fix."