DriveClub Compact Racing Wheel only available at GAME

VVV: "GAME are selling an exclusive DriveClub-branded version of the wireless PS4 Compact Racing Wheel which attaches to the Dual Shock 4, if you're on a budget."

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spence524901508d ago

What is this the wii now? Stop it.

StitchJones1508d ago

I live in the US so we do not have GAME here, but didn't GAME mainly shutdown last year? Or did something change?

mixelon1508d ago

They shut down a lot of branches and ultimately got bailed out by private investors.

Used to be a really strong chain, we had a vast branch here in Leeds once, now it's a pokey, almost useless one.

caseh1508d ago

They had two stores, GAME and Gamestation. Both existed to create a false impression of competition on the high street but after the shake up Gamestation stores were dropped or renamed to GAME.

pop-voxuli1508d ago

"only available at game" What, we speak tonto now???

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