Screamride Xbox One Preview - Xbox Players

Set in the near future, characters riding in twisting, player-built roller coasters. Surrounded by destructible environments, ScreamRide encourages players to break the laws of physics, rocketing players off the tracks and into towering white structures that crumble upon impact.

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hothead1505d ago

Loved this game was such a easy game to pick up and play, the destruction mode was by far the best

Dannyh1504d ago

Do they have a release date for this on Xbox one

gangsta_red1505d ago

Awesome, good to see another varied type of game on Xbox One.

ukchi3f1504d ago

it is great fun, that i can assure you.
Personally i really enjoyed the destroy mode, it had that addictive type of feeling like phone apps have

ghostface91504d ago

this looks like a angry bird and roller coaster mash up which looks really fun and addicting now please port the new roller coaster tycoon game thats coming out soon to x1

HaveSumNuts1504d ago

User created roller coasters with crashes and explosions. Someone will create a 9/11 remake.

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