NSPCC joins GTA 'paedo' row

MCV: The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children has called on Rockstar to remove a joke 'paedophile' website from GTA IV.

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Truplaya3802d ago

oh my god, did they need to check the dictionary for the definition of the word 'joke'. If not tried it, but all you apparently see is a warning message that the police want you and you dont actually see the website. Maybe they should be cracking down on the real paedo website before they start on joke ones in a game.

What about the 4 or 5 South park episodes about paedo behaviour? Have they seen them, they'd probably have a heart attack, or they might even laugh a bit. Do they remember what laughing feels like? I doubt it

If these type of people get thier way we will end up living in a grey world where emotions aren't allowed, like in that Christian Bale film.

Britjadg3802d ago

said it yesterday when this was posted and i will say it again:

R* are not endorsing child abuse, nor are the glamourising it. they are pretty much flat out saying that if you visit child abuse sites you belong in prison. this is shown by the 5star wanted level you receive when trying to access the site.

if anything, the so called "Humour" of the situation is aimed @ the police/government who have the audacity to ask you to stay at [email protected] until the cops arrive.

cwir3802d ago

what a load of crap...

i bet they don't even know what are they talking about.. never seen the game. just acting on it cuz some idiot pointed it out to them and it would turn against that organisation if they wouldn't do something.

why won't they moan about some south park or family guy episodes.. those go hardcore with joking about paedo issue (and i love both by the way).

i bet thompson is behind it :)