Sony Promoting PS4 Across Japan with “PlayStation LIVE Circuit 2014;” Showing Bloodborne and More

The sales of the PS4 in Japan haven’t been stellar in the past few months, and Sony is eager to show the upcoming line-up to gamers outside Tokyo.

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LightDiego1538d ago

Great line-up. Imagine when Dragon Quest will be released in Japan.

killacal131538d ago

That is going to be huge I tell you. I hope they release a monster hunter that is cross play with vita, that'll sell like crazy.

HentaiMasterRace1538d ago

Gravity Rush 2, I'm calling it.

killacal131538d ago

@ Hentai
That game would be awesome on Ps4 don't you think? Also I want a game like Final fantasy tactics on the ps4 or the vita. At least a remake with fully remade battlefields and graphics.