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Shadow of Mordor is so good that this is the second time I've written the review. Yes, the save button failed me, but thankfully developer Monolith did not.

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Tex1171508d ago

This game is excellent due to the "nemesis" system. A fresh new introduction to open world games (which surprisingly are very linear in story progression).

That said, there is an unintended "issue" with the game depending on how you look at it. Due to how excellent the nemesis system get very wrapped up in your own vengeance story. Orcs that take your life will not stand!

By the time you swing around to the narrative (and it being a tad on the weak side) it fails to deliver the highs of taking your own revenge.

Its a great issue to have really.

robtion1508d ago

Exactly, well said. The story is fine but really just feels like a way to level up and gain extra abilities. The nemesis system and satisfying combat is where this game shines.

starchild1508d ago

I have to agree with both of you there. Although I still enjoy the main story line.