Destiny Sales Top 5.4 Million Units in 2 Weeks

"Destiny had the biggest launch in 2014 selling more than 4.5 million units worldwide and more than 2.4 million units in the US in its first week. Second week sales are in and it sold another 891,651 units across all platforms. That brings the total sales over two week to 5.44 million units.

The PlayStation 4 version of Destiny has sold about half the total units with 2.66 million units. The Xbox One version has sold 1.61 million units, the Xbox 360 version 687,701 units, and the PlayStation 3 version 486,622 units."

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Geobros1508d ago

If the reviews were better, it would have better sales? Or, finally, gamers don't care really about reviews...

Kayant1508d ago

Maybe a bit? But I mean most of the sales come from "casual" gamers who are not as active as us or seek info so advertising would have been a big factor to where it is now.

AngelicIceDiamond1508d ago

And trust me Destiny aims for the casual audience. That's why everything is overly simplified.

objdadon1508d ago

Pretty much every game aims for casual audience! Lol! That's how a game sells! People are such biased idiots these days!

n4rc1508d ago

Casual gamers, as it were, makes up probably 80% of total customers..

That's why virtually all games are made with that in mind... Sure some people enjoy sadistic games that punish players or whatever but they don't get made because there aren't enough customers for them

trunkswd1508d ago

5.4 million units in two weeks is pretty good when you think about how much the PS4 and Xbox One has sold lifetime.

KiwiViper851508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I would've expected new gen numbers to be further skewed in PS4 direction as well. Only 1/4 ps4 owners bought it.

+ the white bundle

venom061508d ago

still a lame, mediocre, boring and repetitve game that sold that much basically from the OVERHYPE of IGN.

Dread1508d ago

FYI: the stats include 360 and playstation 3 sales.

still impressive though.

NiteX1508d ago

@venom06 You give IGN far to much credit. I bet more than half of those people that bought the game have never even been to IGN. Okay maybe not more than half, at least half.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1508d ago

Most gamers really don't care about reviews. If I think a game will be good, i'll try it. Why is an opinion written by someone else more important than your own? If you think about it, your opinion is all that matters.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

Some people have a strange need for validation and havent learned to form an opinion until they hear someone else's.

BluFish1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Because for many people trying a game means they have to purchase or rent it, which means they have to spend money. Not everyone can drop $60 every time they want to try a game out, or however much it is to rent it. And you can't rent PC games (at least not legally).

Though, I recommend GameFly =)

Darrius Cole1508d ago

4.27 Million PS4/Xbone units sold across 15 million consoles is not bad for the current generation, not bad at all.

As I expected, Destiny is viewed as a current gen game more than a last gen name.

Paprika1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Better continuous sales maybe, as positive reviews might influence those who were influenced by negatives, and decided not to. But advertising has been huge regardless.

Mega241508d ago

I don't care for reviews, I make my own choice, don't let others do it for me.

Been having tons of fun with Destiny.

CorndogBurglar1508d ago

Me too. I've put about 3-4 hours into it every day since day one. I love it.

Redgehammer1508d ago

I love it!, too. I am having so much fun playing the game. I don't do loot caves,or that sort of thing, since It would break the game, for me. I don', truly, get the hate. Is it perfect? no! Is it tremendously fulfilling combat? Yes! Put it on level 26 or better, and you have a fight on your hands. I am Vexed by the anti Destiny Cabals, and perplexed by their Hive minded disdain for a game, that should not have Fallen off of anyone's radar.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

@redgehammer lol that was pretty bad

cleft51508d ago

I think it is a bit of both actually. Better reviews would have helped, but gamers have become so disillusioned with reviewers that they aren't the guiding force for how they spend their money.

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Dudebro901508d ago

Honestly I thought itd be more.

Impressive number for a new IP, but I was expecting 8-10 million being on 4 platforms.

trunkswd1508d ago

It should hit those numbers by the end of the year.

SoapShoes1508d ago

More like it will. Only game that will be bigger possibly is GTA5.

DeadlyOreo1508d ago


Call Of Duty will be the most successful launch of the year.

DJustinUNCHAIND1508d ago ShowReplies(1)
Jahbu1508d ago

And people say this game is a epic failure! O gamers and their egos.

Personally I'm loving the game! Yeah gamers say big money makers aka Call of Duty suck. However at the end of the day, games like those help the gaming industry strive.

trunkswd1508d ago

People are saying the game is bad, because it didn't meet their impossible to live up to expectations. It is still a great game, just not the revolution people were expecting.

ricochetmg1508d ago

I love destiny. It is a very solid game.

theshredded1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

it's an Epic failure in my opinion because it was hyped as THE game to move to next gen aswell as Watch Dogs but this had more production values & all it did was nothing new or risky.It's story is God awful aswell.Loading,we're in 2014 now...can't fly ships?Indie games and F2P are doing that.Also it's a grindfest that offers random rewards,this is so sh*t & unfair.Destiny is a meh & passable game that relies on DLC which is poisonous for the gaming universe

Spotie1508d ago

That's your fault, and your fault alone, because you bought into the hype. The game is still good.

wsoutlaw871508d ago

why would a cross gen game be the reason to change gens. No one cares about the story in destiny, its not that kind of game. Its also not about flying ships, but it would have been better if they never even showed the ships.

DefenderOfDoom21508d ago

Yeah , video games like COD, HALO , ASSASSINS CREED , FIFA , DESTINY , help to fund , new triple A ip's.

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tlougotg1508d ago

The game isnt bad, its just not what the hype train made it out to be. It has easily been worth my 60 dollar purchase. Im sure Destiny 2 will be alot better.

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