The Attack of the Wiimotes

Be careful people, watch that range of motion! Make movements based on the size of the room you are in! Remember, tiny flicks of the wrist work as well. This guy really cut his hand!

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ChickeyCantor4401d ago

he didnt wear the strap, and what is wrong with these players?? my god :S they do this so they have a reason to get a new tv?
its obvious not to use much power, even in real life swinging an object in your hand can get "out of hand"

ChickeyCantor4400d ago

btw, an HP tv? this is fake !!!!!!

Sphinx4400d ago

...I did something like this last night. A buddy and I were playing tennis on the Wii, and it was getting pretty heated... then, when I went to serve, I used the full motion, forgetting I was standing beneath the ceiling fan... I hit the glass globe that covered the bulb and glass shattered everywhere... the Wii remote is fine, but I sliced open my right index finger. Live and learn! lol