Three Single Player Games to Look Out for in October

OnlySP: OnlySP is back once again with our top three single player games of the month. This month offers a great mix of horror, open world adventures and challenging RPGs.

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KiwiViper851508d ago

Sunset Overdrive says hi.

BattleTorn1508d ago

Judging by the 3 listed, they might have meant Single-Player-only.

MysticStrummer1508d ago

Sunset Overdrive is part of the list.

PockyKing1508d ago

These articles focus on the SP portion of a game, not the MP if there is one. I'm also guessing he only looked at the tags haha.

KiwiViper851508d ago

Yep only looked at the tags.

BattleTorn1508d ago


Apparently me too.

UltraNova1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

The evil within says hi to all of you sorry whips who are so scared to even mention it!

Damn I cant wait to play this half drunk with some Chivas 18 and my soon to be scared shitless girlfriend! (She almost had a heart attach with he PT demo hahaha, gotta love scaring the ladies!)

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RyanShutup1508d ago

I agree they should have swapped out Sunset with Bayonetta since even tho Sunset looks awesome it isn't single player only. I have all 3 pre-ordered... gonna be a rough month for the wallet. :/

LAWSON721508d ago


Bayonetta 2 has co-op lol.

born_naughty1508d ago

Sunset Overdrive has singleplayer? What and how? Why is it on this list?

Ravenheartzero1508d ago

Really looking forward to all three :) then Dragon age and far cry 4, KH2.5 Final mix, so many games I want.

Artista 1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I really really really want that White XO SO bundle..

I could use a nice change of pace from all the serious games..

Sunset overdrive is compulsory for me.

KiwiViper851508d ago

No way my wife will let me get a white Xbox One, but SSO is pre ordered.

user3672721508d ago

Sunset should be at the top of the list..sp or no sp.

PockyKing1508d ago

There's no actual order in which they're listed ;)

Xb1ps41508d ago

Lords of the fallen looked interesting... But man what's up with ea and another Dante's inferno!