How to be awesome at PvP in Destiny’s Crucible

GameZone's Matt Liebl: "Don’t sweat it, not everyone is bred for cut throat PvP. Some of you are probably only PvPing so that you can fulfill the Exotic Weapon Bounty, like my editor-in-chief Mike Splechta. He’s not good at PvP either, which is why I’ve decided to help you all out."

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sobotz1507d ago

Skill doesn't matter here, just keep grinding and get the best weapon out there.

Oh yeah, don't forget.. if you still lvl 1-20, don't bother to play this mode. especially if you using a Fusion Rifle

NewMonday1507d ago

Anyone can go up to 20 in a few days, I started to do awesome stuff with my Warlock after maxing his skills, got one friend who is a Titan with a shield and Hunter blade dancer almost unstoppable together

sevilha821507d ago

You do realize that the stats dont cont in the crucible right??
even thou fire rate and a few perks affect the way the weapon beaves the dmg is the same for every one and so are the armor stats. just yesterday i was owning lvl 25+
with my lvl 9 warlock so...

GearsOfWar1507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Low levels should have no problems adjusting to regular PVP, damage/armour is the same for everyone. You do get the abilities and such, so you have a point, but I've hardly noticed a difference at low levels.

Iron Banner is the only mode that takes gear stats into account.

If you made an argument about how unbalanced the shotguns and supers are, I'd agree with you. I think I read Bungie wanted to tone the shotguns down, so that's good. However, I don't think the Supers should be changed. Yes they're overpowered and quick, but I think that's kind of the point. (sort of like killstreaks)

KwietStorm1507d ago

lol there are no "exclusive tips" in there, and you might be taken a little more seriously if you didn't pat yourself on the back so damn hard.

nX1507d ago

I can't even open the article but after reading your comment I'd be interested in the authors combat rating :D

Noami1507d ago

get a shutgun or fushion rifle and grab alot of heavy ammo wepon and spam your yellow ability if ur a warlock or titan?
blade dancer can kill aoe also if u can reach them

reaper241507d ago

lol at the clickbait image, doesn't have much to do with Destiny

MRMagoo1231507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Are you sure.................... I can see an S and a T and a D in destiny

For the ones that joke swooshed over (because I know some will not get it at all) STDs and the picture of Robin Thicke go hand in hand if you know who he is.

KwietStorm1507d ago

All I saw was a shotgun spree. Anyone can do that. Ok so I guess that was your point.

brich2331507d ago

Anyone can do it, but they will never be as good as me lol

nX1507d ago

^Oho, then you won't mind a comparison of your stats would you :D

Yours are on the left :P

Multiplatguy1507d ago

Anyone can use the Shotgun, what will you use when it gets nerfed?

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