Orange Box petition: EA replies and says NO to a patch

With nearly 2000 signatures and over 15000 visits, the Orange Box petition seems to be coming to an end. Mike Seedon, the guy handling the petition, knows something for sure: EA will never ever bring a patch.

At EA support, employee John D has replied:

"Honestly, EA will not create the patches. EA did not engineer/program the game. Valve did."

For the full reply, hit the jump.

As for the Orange box petition website:


Petition has just reached 1900 signatures.

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Capt CHAOS3834d ago

Where is the call center for EA? India?

Is this guy's real name 'Jagmohan Dhillon'?

Interesting that Valve claimed that EA did the port and now EA are blaming Valve. Either way, PS3 owners got a raw deal and someone isn't coming clean.

Drekken3834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

With all the games out.. does anyone really care?

I beat this game when it came out like 5 years ago....

monkey6023833d ago

Those who spent their money or were looking forward to this care. Just because you dont doesnt mean somebody else isnt effected. EA should be forced to patch this since they weren't shy on releasing it for money. EA have become such a joke. If something you purchased is broken by law it has to be replaced refunded. This case should be no different. This shouldnt have been released if this was going to be the result.

kosha3833d ago

The fact is drekken people have payed good money for this beliveing they would release a patch because of all the uproar and they still havent.

Organic_Chemistry3833d ago

I left him a nasty message telling him that TF sucks big balls and that he should spend his money on a real online game like COD4

Drekken3833d ago

I realize that people paid money. I feel really bad for them... seriously. This was a good game and ps3 owners should have had an equal opportunity to play this game properly....

But the fact remains, Valve hates the ps3... They are lazy and its a shame cause I really used to like them. Maybe when Gabe explodes, they will show PS3 some love. But instead they passed it to EA, which was probably the WORST choice at the time.

BUYER BEWARE ---- Do some educated shopping on your consumer needs before you spend money. This game was labeled a turd and all red flags were flying high. People still bought it in hopes of a patch or PS Bias... but now they have an unpatched turd. Valve sucks and EA does too. Both these companies need to snap out of it.

jaysquared3833d ago

This is one more reason why people should buy multi plat games on the 360 instead of the PS3 if they have both consoles.. If this was the case on the 360, this would've been fixed a long time ago! EA is M$ biatch!

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BulletToothtony3834d ago

i bought it to play episode 1 and 2 since i really enjoyed the half life franchise, but if i died it would take about 45 seconds for me to respawn, and it just got extremely aggravating.. at some points it would freeze my ps3 completely so yeah that's too bad.

andron3834d ago

So who's going to patch the port? Valve?

This doesn't make sense. I don't play TF2, but this sucks for those who still do.

Won't be buying Orange Box 2 if it ever comes to PS3. Not if it's the same shoddy deal...

Varsarus3834d ago

EA forced Valve I think.

cp683834d ago

@ Varsarus

Yeah i think so too. I believe EA bought the rights to THE ORANGE BOX on ps3..

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Snoozer2823834d ago

Who's going to listen to 2,000 people. That's like 0.00001% or less of those that might have signed.

cp683833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

That's 2000 [guaranteed] additional sells, if the product is fixed.

TheKungFool3833d ago

2,000 "additional sells" don't mean jack compared to the costs of programming.

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