Five Video Game Worlds it Would Suck to Live in

Owen Hibbert of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Games are beautiful, but on the inside they are horrific, terrible things. Have you ever really considered how awful life would be in the world of your favorite game as just another civilian? The constant fear that you will bump into the infamous psychopathic jerk terrorizing the neighborhood is unfathomable."

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NukaCola1508d ago

What a stupid article. Would suck living in a racer because you are forced to stand around all day? In what reality is that a logical thought? Now if you told me you'd be forced to live a life in a racing game as a cardboard cutout, then I'd chuckle at that. Writers need some creative articles. Tired of 'Top tens' on this and that with no thought or effort put in.

TenBensons1508d ago

Get a sense of humour mate, It's very obviously satire.

NukaCola1508d ago

I get humor. Article felt reaching though.

NiteX1508d ago

I dunno, being made of cardboard has got to have some upside.

DevilOgreFish1508d ago

"Five Video Game Worlds it Would Suck to Live in"

And anyone of those would beat Miley cyrus.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA1508d ago

Minecraft could be kind of fun as long as the creator didn't destroy my house and hard work each day.

snowbearder1508d ago

Yeah some of these would suck. Lots of standing around and repetition haha

Kingdomcome2471508d ago

Dead Space... Isaac Clarke deserves a vacation more than just about any protagonist.

KiwiViper851508d ago

Seen the civilians in Amazing Spider-man 2? They barely walk, standing around staring at nothing.

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