Gamecyte Review: WiiWare Wednesday: Block Breaker Deluxe

Gamecyte writes: "Here's a fun experiment you can do at home! Go to Google and search for Arkanoid. You should see some five-dozen free online flash games, each one implementing one or two new wrinkles into the classic brickout-with-powerups archetype. Now, open each one of those games in a new tab, and attempt to play every one of them at once. In short order, you should be tripping over multiple interfaces, losing track of the ball, and you should feel a stinging sensation as your brain attempts to process the overabundance of color and effects. Now, on top of this process, pop in a DVD of Scarface and let the "Push it to the Limit" montage scene run in the background on an endless loop, letting the entire game take on a vague theme of a coke-fueled rise to success. This is very much what it feels like to play Block Breaker Deluxe! You have now saved 800 Wii Points and 285 valuable memory blocks."

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