‘WWE 2K15’ on PS4 and Xbox One to deliver more match psychology and tact

WWE 2K15 Executive Producer Mark Little told Examiner spoke about how the PS4 and Xbox One deliver more realism for in-game activity.

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theXtReMe11538d ago (Edited 1538d ago )

I used to wrestle professionally for years, ring psychology is BS. It's a wrestlers way of trying to make their actions sound smarter than they actually are. Yet they are no different to anything else in the entertainment industry. Compare anything in the entertainment industry to a fireworks show. You have a beginning middle and end... The beginning is slow-paced and slowly builds up to the middle which becomes quicker paced til you finally get to the end, to the grand finale, where everything is done at a faster pace, the action more intense... which leads to an overall exciting conclusion of the show.

It always bugged me hearing wrestlers talk about in ring psychology. If that was the case then every match would be different and the same wrestlers wouldn't do the same moves in the same order every match they wrestle. They would come up with new, more exciting ways to entertain the fans.

It's why every John Cena match looks and feels the same. The same could be said for pretty much every wrestler in the WWE. Notice that those who do make their matches different every time are those who go over the best with the crowds. People like Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose are good examples of that. Performers who try their best to entertain the crowd, showing off different moves every time they perform so as not to create a niche for themselves. One that is just copy and paste in every match, no matter who they wrestle.

I don't know why a wrestling game would even try to come close to emulating this. The only way that it can be done is to talk to your opponent in the ring, get an overall feel for the crowd response to what you're doing and adapt so you can best entertain them. Something you can't do in a game with a preprogrammed, limited amount of responses via the controller a player can do.

Don't get me wrong, this game looks incredible. But in no way shape or form can you emulate the pace of a wrestling match other than the speed which you control the characters on screen. Because there is no way to get a feel for crowd response and react in a different way so as to change that response for a more positive outcome for your match, in those on screen fans minds without some sort of CPU polling for crowd response that can be changed via a players actions in ring... and even then, it would probably be faked in response to your button push.

Just make an entertaining game that 70 to 80% of the fans of professional wrestling will love and you'll have them coming back year after year for more... but please do not pull an EA and just add wrestlers to the roster every year with very little change to the core gameplay itself.

jrshankill1537d ago

"I used to wrestle professionally for years, ring psychology is BS"

Every big superstar who made it would totally disagree with you there.

CoryHG1537d ago

No, Cena just can't wrestle.

ABBAJESUS1537d ago

HCTP like career mode plsss