FIFA 15: 15 Ways You’ll Probably Play Like A W*nker

WC: Here we will take a look at 15 Ways You’ll Probably Play FIFA 15 Like A W*nker, and if you’ve ever committed any of these despicable crimes, well shame on you!

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Zenith4k1534d ago

Thanks for this article having been waiting patiently to see PES reviews and so far enjoying the demo, you have just reminded me why fifa is so fricking annoying I'm one more step in just picking up pes when it's out regardless.

Scrivlar1533d ago

I only ever do 2 of these and they are perfectly legitimate.
#1 Is watching a reply 3 times, I will if it's an amazing goal.
#2 Is scoring a rubbish goal, I'll take any goal online as long as I win.

Rebel_Scum1533d ago

Wow these reasons are really valid points for a change. I think you can add long balls to get out of defending your own territory is another to add.

Also those players that never do strong tackles and play it safe pass amongst each player and slowly moving forward to replicate Barcelona style play. That is frustrating.

M_i_c_h_e_t_1533d ago

I have certainly suffered at the hands of the "Byline Blues"